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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Seeds & The Bees

We humans like flowers mainly because of their beauty, some smell pretty too. Some of us find more from flowers than just stimulating our senses. Some flowers are edible. It might surprise you what flowers are edible, and you may even have them in your yard already.

But what about the bigger picture regarding flowers. We understand that flowers are the way that plants reproduce. We know that birds, butterflies and bees assist in this process by cross pollinating flowers.

Here is where we have a problem with the bees. Colonies are suddenly dying off. This is called Colony Collapse Disorder. All kinds of things have been suspect from pesticides, EMFs, to a virus. What ever the cause one thing is certain, the bee population is falling drastically.

In May of 2012, beekeepers noted a 20-40% decline in their bee population for no identifiable reason.
Here in my home state, California, our number one harvest is almonds. Almonds are fully dependent upon bees for pollination. The orchards are having a very difficult time finding enough hives to do the job. I love almonds and I have noticed how much more pricey they have become.

Some Beekeepers have lost as much as 70% of their hives, and it was reported that one suffered a 100% loss.
This is very disturbing.

So what can be done to help the bees. There are entomologists and other scientists working of pin-pointing the cause which is very important. Of the many causes put onto the suspect list, one of them is lack of food. Bee's food are flowers.

Planting bee friendly flowers is an easy way that anyone can help the bees. Flowers that bees love don't come in just flower pots, bees love a variety of garden plants from fruits and vegetables, to roses and flowering trees and shrubs. The best plants to have around your home for bees are those that are native to the area. However, all plants that bees love is better than none.

Not everyone has the time or the space to tend to a garden, but you can still help by donating to the "Sowing the Seeds of Love" campaign. A group of bee lovers will plant seeds for you in your name.

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