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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Thursday, January 2, 2014

This Year's Word Is….


Every year, at its end, we get that notion to have a resolution or something in the years time to accomplish. For me, the first half of the year will be a close to a chapter in my life when I get my art degree. School took a lot of me away from my business side. But now, I have a mission!

I was not able to focus on it before, so I tossed it aside and now I want to pick it back up and polish it up. I have done so by creating a new brand, as you see…my first blog post is the initiation of the branding for my tarot services.

Being the magical metaphysical person that I am, I took notice that the transition between years happens under a New Moon. What wonderful energy to assist in humanities desire to do things different! Personally, this is a double hit. I was born under a New Moon with only an hour and thirteen minutes to go before the New Year.
So of course I am thinking, 'I really should take advantage of this energy!'

I start seeing all these things popping up on social networks about the New Moon and its energy that is perfect for 'planting the seeds'. Then I find a blog post a fellow artist about having a 'go to' word for the new year (which she got from another blog). This is just after listening to an Abraham-Hicks rant that was talking about 'having a word'. While not totally in the same context all that matters is that there is a word, my word.
I think about what my word might be and of course it is not instantly forthcoming. But that is OK, I know the perfect word will come to me.

I post about it to a G-Community I am in and I find my response post is at 11:11. Well if that is not something synchronistic, I don't know what is. (11:11 has be 'with me' for many, many years.) So I think about what word can I connect to 11:11?
There are all kinds of ideas about what 11:11 means. It is seen so often and recognized as 'something' by so many people, it is a number that has gotten a lot of attention. Just google 11:11 and see all the stuff that comes up about the number.

There are concepts about 11:11 that I like and others that I think someone needs to bring themselves a little bit closer to ground level, but hey, I am one to say that just about anything is possible. I am not going to believe or disbelieve but I will lean one way or another.
With 11:11, it is rather personal. I have not subscribed to anything anyone is claiming about 11:11. I have seen it in my own life and the pattern it created with it's appearance and I know from this what it is about, for me.

11:11 pops up when I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I am where I need to be. I am thinking what I need to be thinking. To put it into a single word form so that I could maybe use it for my year word, I could only come up with fate and destiny.  The words may fairly convey the essence of the meaning of 11:11, it really was not working for me as a year word. The words just seems a bit to definite and fixed….then something happened. I could not tell you exactly what it was. But it was what brought my word to me. And it is a good word, a perfect word for me, for the year…
             … ….Flow
I am one who is easy going, but I am also a git'er done kind as well.

People like me when I held manager positions because I was not 'bossy' yet made sure everyone was doing their jobs and things ran like clockwork. I look back at the hard times in my life and the turning point away from those hard times always came when I finally stopped fighting it and just let go…let go and just let what ever happens happen.

I once explained it to a friend like this-
I was struggling, fighting the current and getting no where but more and more tired. Finally I had had enough and I said "F*** This!"…. I cannot fight this thing any more, there is no reason to work so hard and just get more and more down stream. Fine! I let go and I just floated along, enjoyed the ride and just went with the flow of things.

I found that when I just was in the flow… I would float past things, or things would float past me, that where just what I needed when I needed it. Every moment and every day was right there, in the moment. Enjoying where I was at that part of the floating along.
No more fighting! All just enjoying and only living in that moment and OH the ease of transitions. Flowing from moment to moment. I did not always have to think about things so much! Answers and solutions would 'magically' present themselves.

Honestly, I am fully aware of this and how it all works. Obviously, duh, I am telling a story of it within my own life. Unfortunately I have not been really abiding by my own knowings, Tsk-tsk!
Well I am all over that now! I have a word, I have a memory, I have a working metaphor and I am good to go! I approach 2014 and I approach it by being in the Flow!