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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Love Light - Ancestral Path

Love Light Spread ~ Ancestral Path Deck

Question: Wondering about a specific person being their complement.

Card 1 The Heart- Current Emotions - The Empress (r)
Card 2 The Head- Current Thoughts - Temperance
Card 3 The Faith- Hope's Potential - The Fool
Card 4 The Flow- Natural Direction - 10 of Swords (r)
Card 5 The Love- Being True to Self - Prince of Sacred Circle

Off the Top-
• The Empress in the current emotions position in reversed orientation, expresses the emotional focus on the lacking of a working union, being able to play the queen, wife, and mother role according to your ideas for those things.
• With Temperance, it takes the emotions of your desire to be the complement to someone and gives it thought. This shows the desire for a blending of two souls, a merge and union between you and another.
• The Fool is one who walks along 'blindly'. Not in the sense of being unaware or unable to see, but in the manner that has its foundation in faith. The fool is not stupid, just very curious. And yes, that can sometimes lead to trouble.
• The 10 of Swords is also revered and is in the natural direction position and on the surface, does not express being a positive one. However, reversed cards are often warnings or suggestions for improvement instead of an actual 'statement of facts' on how it is. The card could simply be saying, 'You won't ever know if you don't ask'.
• Being true to yourself card, the Prince, is a 'character'. A personality type, one that is what your complement. The question is about a person of interest that you would like to know about and does he fit….well, we shall see..

A Deeper Look-
Let's start with the Prince of Sacred Circles. This is an energetic and goal driven man. He has a young spirit and is possibly even a 'pretty boy' (you like the Zac Efron, Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt types?) He is peaceful, well grounded and is just a laid back (emotionally and intellectually) sort. He enjoys outdoor activities, good food (like who doesn't, but he makes this a big issue). He has yet to grasp some of the finer details about life, but he is not one to allow some roadblock to stop his progress. He is not a quitter. He is also very cautious at times and this may make him appear to be either indifferent or just slow. What he is doing is being wary and observant. He does not make any moves until he has all the information he feels that he needs to take any action. Any experiences or lessons he has learned, he is eager and willing to share with others. For some this is great, for others this can eventually get annoying. How it is annoying, is that it makes him appear to be a bit of a egotistical know it all. That is not his thought and purpose behind his sharing. He is just excited to share it. He sees himself as a student more than a teacher, but this is often misunderstood and seen as some sort of behavior that fills some sort of 'complex'. He can be a bit prone to depression, but it is often hidden, his 'go getter' attitude keeps him going from day to day, but other things in his life my be tossed aside.
Now do not confuse this with the person you are asking about. The Prince here is supposed to represent a person who will complement you. Does this sound like the sort of person you would desire, flaws and all?

There is no denying the Empress in the emotional side of the wanting for a relationship. Someone to love and be loved by and to build a 'kingdom' with. You long to be able to have an outlet for your nurturing and compassionate nature. You deserve to feel like a queen and treated as such by someone who is honorable. In times when you are not in a relationship, you can still find an outlet for this energy. You can volunteer to hold preemie babies, at an animal shelter or other sort of care type service. Because you put yourself into these settings, it is here that you will find those you are more like yourself and have the same concerns and attributes that are compatible with your nature. 

Both the Empress and the Prince are 'earth energy' cards. This is a very fruitful combination. Speaking of combination, Temperance is the combining of elements, the blending and kneading and folding of two individual things and making them one. The two things mixed have to be compatible to work together and create a single functioning 'being'. The Empress is the emotional aspects of the situation and Temperance is the mental aspect. Do you know the saying 'thoughts become things'? Take the creative energy of the Empress with the power of thought and manifest the relationship you seek. Temperance speaks of your relationship vision, what you want in the relationship and what you don't want. 

There is nothing wrong with creating the fairytale romance and being swept off your feet by a prince charming. Or if that is to fanciful for you, then just being the envy of all your friends for having the perfect man and relationship. Think it, see it, feel it know it…'thoughts become things'. You are the creator, the mixer, mentally 'tempering' your thoughts like a metalsmith tempers steel for a blade. And this is where the Fool comes in. The Fool is a happy go lucky one. He is the essence of true faith and what others see as luck. A like saying to 'thoughts become things' is 'Whatever the mind (Temperance) can conceive (Empress) and believe, it can achieve' - The Fool is the believe part of this quote. The Fool in the Faith position is absolutely perfect for the Fool IS Faith. The Fool trusts in the Universe and lives each day in joy and in awe of the wonders of life and nature. The fool is grateful for every adventure and opportunity to learn something new. The fool has faith that everything he want and needs will be provided to him. 

The opposite of this energy and attitude is reflected in the 10 of Swords. Where the Fool is daydreaming of what he wants next, the 10 of Swords is a nightmare. You don't want that. There is the simple side of this card and position. 10 of Swords being reversed and the position 'natural direction' could be seen a few ways, that you are fighting the natural flow with debilitating thoughts, self sabotage type behaviors. It may be that you are simply not applying the thoughts and actions needed to achieve your desires. Could be that you have been unaware of the opportunities that have been presented, you are missing the signs and omens. And, as what was said in the introduction, 'You won't ever know if you don't ask' - 10 of swords reversed can be a lack of communication.

As for this person of interest, not much came up about him. The cards mainly focused on the issue of 'compatibility'. So with that, he could be the one, or perhaps he is not. Maybe he is just a stepping stone along the way. Does he sound like the Prince at all? Do you even know?  

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