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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Whole Self Pyramid - Fey


1) Cornerstone, the foundation, the core.
STRENGTH: a strong foundation, awesome!
2) Blueprints, the plan, the structure.
8 of WANDS: The structure of alignment and synchronicity, sweet!
3) Inspiration, the emotions, the desire.
6 of CUPS: Reliving the joys from the past.
4) Tools, the skill, the resources.
KING of PENTACLES: The right 'man' on the job
5) Walls, the challenges, the blockage. 
3 of PENTACLES: Lessons and assistance.
6) Peak, the potential, the point of it all.  
8 of CHALICES: letting go of the old unproductive ways. 

Some powerful placements here
Having Strength as the foundation is just wonderful. I could not think of a better card. Strength in this deck reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk (think about that story and it's dynamics- it has a relevancy that is parallel to what you encounter). The Fey in Strength is proud of his catch. He has wrangled two large serpents. Unlike our human hunters who pose with a dead beast, this Fey stands with his quarry still alive. There is no need to go to extremes, the game is not about exhibiting the power to take life, it is simply the thrill of the hunt. Fey honors these creatures, is grateful for the fun and challenge they provided, and he respects them and their own strengths. The Fey will release the beasts, he has no desire or need in slaying them. We all have our own lives to live and sometimes we are the big fish, sometimes we are the little fish. But as in Darwinism, with strength as a foundation, it is survival of the fittest. I was wondering where this was going…I do not feel that these hard economic times are really over, we are having a slight upswing that will be in a lull for a bit, but I feel that there will be another bomb. Bottom line, the difference between life and 'death' is attitude; Love and Joy, for there is great strength in love and joy.

I just love the 8 of Wands for the plan…and 6 of Cups for your inspiration. 
The Fey in the 8 of Wands is swiftly and assuredly jumping through the branches. She does not get poked or miss a hold because she does not focus on that. What she does focus on is her 'landing', her 'next catch'. Her focus is totally on her hand and that branch, and where along that branch that she will grab a hold of. It's that 'keep your eye on the ball'….it's like 'they' say, "when you (an icky example) lay down a motorcycle, what ever you are looking at, it where you will go" - so be sure you are always looking in a direction that you want to go.
The Fey wears bells and the bells creates the song of her movement. It is her music that she is making. Do you have a nice bell? A thick one of brass? I think you could use a bell… :D Hang it someplace that it will get 'dinged' by everyday activity. I love my bells, they make me happy and keep the negative ickies away. The Fey in the 6 of Cups…such a sweet Fey; and all those eggs (ideas, desires, goals) they are endless and each going to hatch someday. But the Fey has her attention on one egg in particular. She gives this egg her focus and she holds it adoringly. Each egg will get it's turn in due time, and some, they just need to simply be under the protective and loving eye of the Fey.
This is all about the cosmic ordering and letting the universe take care of it all. One just needs to be in alignment and in the right vibration and everything thing desired unfolds in a wonderfully synchronistic way. Keep the joy, ride the high vibration (getting there is found in the next card). I feel that this is about you getting back to the things you used to do, music… (which is simply and absolutely a vibration! ((have you seen the salt patterns made with sound?)), music that brought you so much joy at one time shall do so again in this moment! While having fun and being in that place of joy, it works the manifesting energy for the other things you desire. As it is taught in LoA, look back to those moments of sheer joy- remember how it feels (to be making musical vibrations), feel that again, draw upon that feeling you had then and feel the feeling now, again. Hold on to that vibration and manifestations will happen. So (and you know this), envision making your music, and how that feels, and feel that when you are not, or have yet to…be making that music and doing those things. (I'm babbling…) The 6 of Cups is the revival of your music and that in-turn is the structure of all your plans.

The King of Pentacles is the 'guy' (who is a tool…sorry could not resist) that is a gets things done and does so with great passion. He sees the bigger picture, he adverts problems before they happen, he is the poster boy for being totally in control and adeptly navigating any and all tasks at hand. He is serious about his efforts and desires that everyone who he works with would feel the same. If they do not, he does not have time for them. He seems at times a 'cold' fellow in that he does not waste his time on things and people who cannot keep up with his level of energy and passion. He does not care if one's passion is different, what he cares about is the intensity of the person's motivation and passion. Your best tool is passion. This King is also a keen business (wo)man. The King is smart about business and thus successful. Of course having the motivation that is fueled by passion plays it's part as well. He is the saying 'Burning Desire'.

The 3 of Pentacles is creative workings. There is always something to be learned that hones one's skills and knowledge. The Fey in this card is a master-creator in the making. He already has knowledge and talent, and knows his art, or he would not be where he is at this moment. He puts his all into his creation, a creation that is more than just a physical thing. Anything that anyone creates carries the spirit of the one that created it. Everything you make and create, has your mark on it. You put your all into it, you embed your spirit into the things you create.
This card is only supporting all the cards that have come before it. It is as if they each represent a phase of manifestation.
As this position speaks of challenges and blockage, might there be an issue with supply and demand? or not having enough time to fill the demand. This is where some assistance is called for. 
Assistance not only comes by way of extra hands or time, it also comes with having a brain to pick about things. This card could very well be suggesting you find a mentor for the areas that you have not been able to nail down the way you want to. Have you considered a mentor but thought, where would you find one that would best serve your needs? So just tossed that want to the side? Now you know, that you need not worry about where a mentor will come from, as the saying goes, 'when the student is ready, the teacher will come'. Create a mentor just by being ready for it, know what it is you need to know and work towards expanding your skill and knowledge in those areas and you know you will get what you need when you need it.

The 8 of Cups speaks of false realities. Being in the 'point of all this', I can't help but think about one of the things spoken of in law of attraction; everything that we have ever been taught has been wrong. We have been deceived, 'they' get us drunk and our minds become fuzzy, unable to focus. In the traditional meaning of this card it is one of letting go. The breaking of bad habits, and leaving behind the things that are so tempting, but bad for you in the long run. Do you have something or someone who is a hanger-on? Ditch it ASAP. I feel that this card is the 'thing' that is keeping you from being a manifesting machine. What emotion do you encounter that sets you back? Temps you, and keeps returning and invading your space? Tackle this emotion, pull it out, roots and all like a weed. Even if this means letting go of things that you don't want to let go of (which actually means, what you -think- you don't want to let go of). You have traveled a long journey and have fought your battles. You have not come all this way to just accomplish some 'meager' goal and be content with that. You have your dream and your desire and you WILL see it through. You cannot allow hanging on to something that serves you no good, no matter how much you may try to find excuses, or make justification, they are only an attempt at self-deception. You know, in your heart what you need to do.

There is a pattern, with the key words in the first 5 cards.   
I set the words to bold in the reading, but here they are presented as a list.
Strength = Strength
8 of Wands = Focus
6 of Cups = Vibration
King of Pentacles = Passion

3 of Pentacles = Creativity

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