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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Mystic Pyramid - Fairy



1. Past - 5 of Hearts (Cups)
2. Present - 4 of Acorns (Wands)
3. Near Future - 8 of Bells (Pentacles)
4. Core Thoughts - 10 of Leaves (Swords) rx
5. Environment - 6 of Bells
6. Challenges - 9 of Leaves rx
7. Advice - 5 of Bells rx

The 5 of Cups is a card of heartbreak, being let down, or having a love that is known that will be fairly non-reciprocal.
The 4 of Acorns is a card of a coming together, be it a celebration, an agreement, a meeting…it is the card of arrival.
The 8 of Bells is about structure and having things in order. It is about paying attention to the details.
The 10 of Leaves this is the end of a hard time, a rough part in life. The nightmare is over as a light has shined upon the dark.
The 6 of Bells this is a card of a union for gain. It could be a partner, and investor, a mentor. The card is one of exchange.
The 9 of Leaves this is about fears and turmoil, stress and despair. It is known to be a card of failure and imagined doom.
The 5 of Bells is a card of material anxieties, job loss, hardships as well as unconventional means of survival and assistance.

I find it interesting that we start with a 5 card and end with a five card, first one upright and end one reversed- and then, there is the 10 card at the top (5+5=10), and it is reversed as well. Also there are no majors in this throw at all, and that is a good thing as it means that everything here is something that you can gain control over in the manner that it needs to be and that there are not any hard external forces that can keep you from being able to cope with these things.

The cards certainly present a theme of challenges and ‘problems’ in all aspects of life, emotional, material, etc.

The past and present cards feel like they go together, that where there was once a very draining and helpless feeling on an emotional level, a ‘happy place’ was found to where things could continue to work.

The 5 of Hearts/Cups is here now in the past position, because this issue back then, has bubbled up to the surface and you are revisiting it. Be it by your own thoughts and feelings, or there may have been an external trigger. How it has come back is not of any significance. It is here and it has to be dealt with. The trick is to be able to approach the situation as far removed from yourself as possible. Be ‘above’ this ‘drama’ and look at it with eyes of a stranger. What would that stranger think? What advice would the stranger have? How are you feeling about this now compared to how you felt about it then? Are you falling into the same rut as before? You got off that path once before, you can do it again. There is no need to worry about what has happened in the past happening again, as you are quite prepared for it even if you do not think so. The very fact that you have faced this before and was able to conquer it is proof that you can win again.

The present card, 4 of Acorns/Wands is an echo of the above, revisit that agreement or place of ‘middle ground’, whatever it was that brought order in the past. It may need a bit of revising at this time, as some of the aspects may have become ‘outgrown’, or no longer apply. New things may have evolved and needs to be integrated into the way of things. We are entering a Mercury retrograde and that calls for any ‘Re’, re-evaluate, reconsider, revisit, return, renegotiate, reply, response, redirect, etc. If you have had something that you have been wanting to do for a long time, but never got around to it and it now here again for you to do, do not miss out on it this time around. GO FOR IT. Take that little retreat or workshop. (re-treat!, hello!)…must be something that you need to go do again, and do it NOW. The card is about bring things into reality, seeing something through to fruition and celebrating that milestone. Now is the time…

The near future card is the 8 of Bells/Pentacles and that should provide you with some peace. The message within this card is to no worry, worry only makes things much worse. What this card is all about is focus, a plan and sticking to the plan, it is an all out ‘war’ against those things that are standing in your way or are a thorn in your side. No longer will you tolerate this sort of environment or situations in your life. This is putting your big girl kicker boots on and making some room to work and for others to take note that you are not messing around any more. This is being on the ‘move’ and making waves everyday. You have a mission and you are to make it happen. The boat is under your command. Being the earth suit, this is mainly focused on the material and physical aspects in life. This is about the home, the body, the job/biz, the bank account. The 8 of Bells is all about the details. If you find that money ‘escapes’ you…then it is time to track everything that comes in and goes out. If you find that there is ‘waste’ in the efficiency of the home, it is time to upgrade. You are not to be ‘worked’ by life- you make life work for you!

Core thoughts is the 10 of Leaves/Swords and is reversed- this is telling me that you are missing something here. Swords is the suit of intellect, the mind and thoughts, as well as communication and contracts.
How do you feel stuck? What is the situation that has you feeling helpless? What are you resisting? What are you not letting go of? How do you feel defeated? Do you feel like something is missing? know what it is?
These are important questions to ask yourself, not all may provide you with answers but some indeed will and this will help you get to the root of the situation and how you can deal with it. The 10 of Leaves/Swords in reverse speaks of a breakthrough. A realization of the way to overcome all these challenges. Much of what you face has come to this point because you have been ‘ignoring’ it in some manner. Either procrastination, of that helpless feeling that just makes you not give it serious thought. What ever it is, you have been asleep at the wheel and now you must make up for lost time and get things back on the right route.

The 6 of Bells/Pentacles is a card of success and accomplishment. This is not done alone, as you will need help and cooperation to put things in the right order. Money is a factor with this card and it will take money to correct things. This will not be a financial toll upon you, but a small windfall of a nice bundle of pocket change. I do not feel that this will come in the form of money exactly, but will be a resource for you to work with and have it bring in the money. Someone or something will be bestowed upon you that will improve your environment. The trick is to know it when you see it and openly receiving it. This is about what you feel is your own personal value and pride. Be open, be receptive. When someone presents you will the opportunity or resource, do not turn it down. Accept it with gratitude, as you are deserving of it.

The 9 of Leaves/Swords is in the position of challenge and the card in simple terms means sorrow and despair. This is telling you to be strong. Do not let the challenges eat at you. You do not need a card or anyone else to tell you this, but it is good to be reminded, and given support. As the card is in reversed orientation, this signifies a break through, like the 10 of Leaves, this is the path that leads up to that breakthrough. This is putting your foot down and making fun of all your fears. Mock the worry, poke fun at the stress, laugh in the face of adversity. The key point here and an important piece of the puzzle…it is all in the attitude, it is all the power of the mind. Thoughts become things! If you worry, bad will happen. If you don’t allow the present to eat at you but look forward to a good resolution, that is what will be. This is a time for transformation. In the mind, in the heart and in turn all around you will also be transformed.

…and the last card the 5 of Bells/Pentacles; while it is one of despair and being in need of external assistance for survival, we find this card reversed in orientation. This is a turn of events. What was sliding backwards is now moving forwards. Traditionally this is a ‘back to work’ card. A back on track card, this is not specifically about work, or making money, this is also about personal resources and possessions. In the above cards we are shown that things have been ‘let go of’ and not been managed as it should have been. As an advice card, this card tells you that you need to make a serious assessment of your living situation; every aspect of it….all aspects of it. There is a ‘mole’, a gremlin in the machine that is hanging things up and you need to make an inspection to find that little bugger and remove it. This could be some sort of unnecessary monthly expense. Something that can be eliminated and replaced with something more efficient, (as was mentioned above) or it could be an associate of some kind that is not being totally upfront with you. Perhaps you have even already confronted them and have expressed your feeling of betrayal. Either way, this is not over and is part of the source of the problem. Again the questions you need to ask yourself are; What am I resisting? What excuses am I making to avoid action? What do I need to do to secure my survival? (survival as in self-preservation and honor).
This card tells you that you are the one who can bring balance. It is not going to fix itself, it needs attention and you are the one needed to get the job done. You have to put those boots on…and kick things into action. Also, this card wants to remind you….some hardships come because we refuse to bend in our morals and values. That is an honorable thing indeed, however, one must know when pride is being a bit forceful…do not let pride be too strong. Take the hardships with your head up with it really means something, be able to bend the rules now and then when it comes to self-preservation. There are times when sacrifice is necessary. But I am not seeing any at this time, too many have been offered, and now it is time to stop the madness and get control of things again…no more sacrifice until things are working as they should be.

WORD COUNT = 1981 is 280 words per card

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