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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Life Climate - Ancestral Path

Life Climate spread - Ancestral Path deck
In a nutshell your issue/question is
What is it about this guy???
With a general outlook, which when looking at past life, we also deal with current life and the lessons one needs to learn as well as karmic debt.

I work with many decks and being that you mentioned past-life, and that is something I work with.
I chose a deck that may open up to this theory.
This deck also works quite nicely with the spread I chose-
Deck: Ancestral Path
Spread: Life Climate


1. King of Staves - Morning Dew: Plans, focus & expectations you have for the moment

2. 3 of Staves - High Noon: Advantageous situations & events

3. Queen of Swords - Afternoon Breeze: Events and situations that will pass or come to a close

4. King of Sacred Circles - Dusk: Time at home, family & loved ones

5. 7 of Staves - Evening Rain: Dream themes & your emotional weather

6. 10 of Staves - Dark of Night: The time when things unknown to you do their work, represents your fears & uncertainties

7. 9 of Swords - Eye: The quiet center where everything around you can be seen

King of Staves - The first card expresses your need to figure out who this man is on a metaphysical level. He is the King of Staves. This is a man who knows how to take charge and see that things are handled effectively and efficiently.
For you this card is about assessing a situation and coming to a decision. For you, it may be that you question your relationship and wonder about what if’s and what for’s. This card tells you to weigh the pro’s and con’s and examine the bigger picture, understand consequences of your actions and to chose your path completely and carefully.
The card holds images of lions and fire, Might this person be a Leo?

The next card is the 3 of Staves; the image is of a couple arriving at their destination.
AP3Svs.pngI get the feel that they are just arriving at their new home just after marriage, rather than just being on a vacation. This land was given to them as part of the Marriage, and it is for them to develop it and rule over it, for they are the privileged and elite in this society.
For you, this card represents opportunities, projects and ideas. Something has been, or will be presented to you, part of a partnership or business deal, or a simple exchange of goods. This is something that you have been seeking and have wanted to get your hands on and do something about or with ‘this’
‘This’ being some project or group, I’m don’t know of your everyday life and interests, but this is what the card focuses on, you would know best what this project or idea is.


Things that have just passed or are coming to a close is the Queen of Swords. Another card of power and control, but is expressed from more of a natural and maternal nature. She is the mother of creative beauty. (your project or work wouldn’t have anything to do with writing or the media would it?)
This card for you speaks of done deals and accomplishments. Perhaps you have already chosen your path, but are stumbling though because you just started your journey.
There are creative energies within you, and it is for you to use them. Use the beauty you see all about fuel your creative energies. I could take this to be your spiritual journey, and development of abilities you possess. This is the power of thought and manifestation.

The card of family and home is the King of Sacred Circles. He is a wise and peaceful elder. He is deeply connected to the Earth Mother. If he is disrespected, his fury can be unforgiving. Did someone in your family disapprove of your marriage? Grandfather, Uncle?

For you I get the feeling that things at home are good at one end of the spectrum, you are secure and stable with a comfortable home, yet on the opposite end, the emotional and spiritual side is not quite up to your level of happiness. For you the hours and the days just tick away, with a feeling of not having much purpose. Connect to the Queen, and we have a change of direction. Something that gets you out of the humdrum of life as it has been.


7 of Staves - The card that represents your dreams is a card with imagery much different from all the other cards in the spread. One kneels before a great white light of energy, as the light flows out into the temple; the colors are in bands of the rainbow. The shadow if the kneeling person is larger and stands out.
What a beautiful and reflective card in imagery to represent dreams, our shadowed self of the subconscious, the colors of the chakras and the great white light of pure spirit. This keeps on with your spiritual journey; this is a card of initiation and entering into the light, to become enlightened and to be embraced by the light. Are you working at all with any meditation and 3rd eye exercises?
How connected are you with your dreams? Within your dreams, is where you can find the answers to the mysteries you are experiencing. This is a calling for you to walk the path of spirituality and enlightenment. You have a gift and you need to connect with it and work with it.


10 of Staves - The next card bounces back to that feeling of everyday, normal and boring life. The feelings of being burdened with what you had not planned for, yet accept the responsibility without regrets. What is, is what is and there is no changing it, nor would you change it (do you have kids?) Things are a bit of a struggle for you right now and you are having troubles finding what to do to change things.
In connection to this guy, I feel that the emotions and questions you have regarding your ‘draw’ towards this man has you a bit preoccupied and has you at a bit of a standstill. Again, this goes with the questioning of your current relationship. It could be a simple matter of a fear that if you spend time with this person, your husband may not be understanding of this. He may be fearful himself and have assumed ideas about your intentions and relationship with this other man.

AP9Sw.png9 of Swords - The last card also speaks of this trapped feeling. You feel the strong urge to explore your connection with this other man; yet do not want to stir trouble in your marriage. I feel that this other man has to do with some resolution of your past life together.
The situation you are in is a pattern you have carried through several life times. This man has been your husband in one lifetime and your father in another.
The cards mostly show a story of a couple, in the time of the pyramids. The union was not one of love but of duty. The two of you had feelings for each other and shared a passion for the Spirit. Your life together is not what you both would have chosen. You felt a calling from the Temples, you were a prophetic dreamer, for you felt your soul belonged there and not with a family and land to oversee. You felt your purpose was in the service the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Nevertheless, what was to be was to be, and it was your destiny in the eyes of the social order of those times. As it was to be, you both accepted this union and felt blessed in that it could have been worse. You often joked about sharing the same dream, but even together you could never fulfill and at times would discuss a suicide pact once your social duties were served. Years of the unfulfilled feeling can wear one down, and you both felt limited in your needs and desires this eventually lead to your demise as agreed.
In this lifetime, I suspect that your husband does not share your spiritual interest and perhaps this other man does. When our own partners do not fulfill instinctual needs, we must seek out others to fulfill this need.
I feel that the lesson is about following your spiritual nature and interest and not ignore them.
You have not followed this path is past lifetimes due to external influences. In this lifetime you must not let those external influences keep you from your spiritual exploration.
I hope this reading sheds some light on your situation at this time.

WORD COUNT IS 1458 = over 280 words per card

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