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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Past Life Key - Waking the Wild Spirit


• Mind ~ 6 of Fire ~ Spiral Dance  -R-
In this past life there was much confusion and mental anguish. You spent much time in your head thinking things over and over which only added to the confusion. The confusion is partially due the choices you made while between lives. You mapped the path you would walk and the challenges and lessons you would face as well as the balancing that would come with this life time. This card also speaks of astral travel and mingling with spirits in the spirit world.
• Body ~ Page of Water ~ Fortune Teller  -R-
The body is mostly water and water is conductive, this card in this position is that of an empath. Very sensitive to the energies and gravitation surrounding you. Your body acts as a dowsing rod.
The page is traditionally a messenger, and with your empathic nature you where able to sense things others could not. It was part of your purpose and destiny to convey the sensations your body received and pass them along to the people that needed the message.
• Spirit ~ 3 0f Fire ~ Lamplight  -R-
This card in this position carries on the aspect of being the psychic sensitive messenger. You where born to be a guide to others for only you could see past the vale. It was through Spirit that you where guided to the Amanita muscaria that grew in the oak groves near your home. Come late fall, you would go out and collect the mushrooms and then prepare them for use and storage though the year until next years harvest.
There where times when you would use the mushrooms in ritual and on a rare occasion, someone would come to you seeking assistance and if needed, you would take them on a trip into the realms of Spirit with the aid of the Amanita.

With all these cards reversed, this was not an easy path for you but one that was determined before you entered into this life.
Your life prior, it's purpose and mission was very much the same for you where an Oracle, like those of Delphi, if not actually Delphi. While these lives where very much a parallel, the opposition is that as an Oracle in the life before was easy and the people of your village or community took care of you because they honored and respected you. You where a viable part of the community. But in this past life, the one that is the focus of the reading, things where not so kind. Most people treated you as if you where a lunatic babbling nonsense.

• Birth ~ 7 of Fire ~ Leaping
You knew who you had been when you where born and when you entered into this past life you where 'bright eyed & bushy tailed' right from the get go.
At first, she thought that perhaps you would not be well due to the stress that she endured during pregnancy. But you came into the world ready to meet the day. She saw something in you.
Your where born in late April and mother knew that you where very special.
Your mother was very superstitious and she took note of the messages that she saw on the day of your birth. She feared for your life and took the steps to ensure that you would be safe and live in peace and happiness as a child.
• Attitude ~ Queen of Fire ~ Wild Witch  -R-
You came into this life; knowing, always wise beyond your years. You where already an old soul in this past life. There are several cards that speak of this, some we have already seen.
There where things about nature and spirit and the Underworld that where so familiar to you. You where very close to nature and had a connection with animals. The manner in which you carried yourself made others uneasy and they where not quite sure if you where on the side of light or dark. You thought about what other people thought of you a lot and this troubled you. Because of this, you spent most of your life without any real friends or even being able to mingle socially.
• Actions ~ 4 of Water ~ Blood Bond
This card is about finding a mate, not fully a romantic mate, but there was some physical relationship but this did not have a big influence. Sex was sporadic. The relationship was more about a companionship based on being like-minded. Someone with whom you could speak with freely.
You knew while young that you would never marry but you would be with one who is a soul-mate, a twin-flame, your other half, the male half of your 'original soul'.
I wonder if you have a brother or son who you are very close to, it is as if they are you and you are them, just in a different body. This person has been with you in many life times, more than most have generally. It is rare for most to find their twin flame in a life time, you have been lucky in this respect. There was an actual ritual of a blood-bond between the two of you.
• Undercurrent ~ Knight of Air ~ The Storyteller  -R-
This card goes deeper into the mental struggle in this past life. You knew things and yet you lived in a time that if you fully acted upon what you knew, it could be dangerous. You had to hold back. Yet you where creative with the things that you did say. Having your soul-mate with you was a relief.
Having someone that you could 'tell all' to eased the burdens you felt. But the mate of yours was not always around and that was hard on you. He came from France and was a trader. You only saw him as he was passing through.
• Death ~ II Wise Woman ~ Dream Weaver  -R-
You lived for a long time, you had survived many in the community, you escaped the fire that ran through your area and killed many. You had been in that place and had lived so long that you saw so much change. It was in your nature to look at things 'in the bigger picture' and what you saw saddened you, you saw how a people became misguided and mentally put into a box of thinking. You did your best to keep your words of wisdom alive in the community and not 'alarm' the church.
When you spoke, you spoke in metaphors connected with the everyday and with nature. Your words fed the dreams of the people in your community. You anchored them to true enlightenment through their subconscious as well as the logical side of things. People did listen to you for you made sense, but all was mundane. You could not expand upon and speak of deeper things for they went against a more powerful institution. You where pleased when your time came. Things where about to get worse and you did not want to be there when it happened.

In this past life, your mother named you Maddalena, but you where known by others as Margery, a name you gave yourself as a matter of 'protection'. The life took place in Germany around the end of the 7th century.
This was a tough time for the shifting in religions and traditions. For you, your outlook and attitude, you where more of a 'throw-back' because of your memories of being an oracle in the times before Christ and Christianity.
You understood the essence, but had difficulty with how others perceived and pushed the faith.
This was such a struggle as well and a big part of the confusion. Many times, you thought of taking the town by storm and tell them how IT really is.
It frustrated you for you lived within the 'boundaries' of the church and still was able to act upon the situations where you knew better, while 'hiding' who you really where. You never felt threatened in being called a 'witch' for you where very crafty about how you presented and participated with the people of your community. You played it cool; you and the leaders had a silent understanding. You where able to help those who you trusted and they where loyal to you.

Home & Family
Self ~ 8 of Earth ~ The Trap
Your mother's name, Adina and your father's name, Ian.
Family was not such a great thing for you, yet, you appreciated very much the family that raised you. You where not a planned child nor was your mother married. Because she was without a man, that made her a target and she had to endure attacks now and then.
Your mother was the one more in the 'trap' than you and that is because your mother found you a loving and caring home that could provide better for you than she herself could.
You never knew your mother, but you knew that the family that raised you was not your blood.
This was not an aspect that was hidden from you. It was just not talked about casually. When you or others would ask questions, honest answers where given.
While you where happy with the mundane and you love your 'family' and they loved you back, not knowing who your mother or father where was a tough one for you. You did not know why your parents had abandoned you.
Your mother had been an orphan and did not want you to have to grow up the way that she did.

Positive ~ King of Earth ~ All Father  -R-
It was the leader that helped your mother to put you with a good family. Your father would never know what happened to you. The only two people who knew 'everything' was your mother and the leader. You would see the leader and your mother again.
The family that took you in somehow related to Obi, the leader, but the family that raised you never knew that Obi had a hand with this forced adoption.
Your mother and the leader pulled a 'Moses' and left you to be found by this family. Even though he knew the family well, he could not approach them with you. He sure was a crafty guy and I get the feeling that he sometimes wished he could have been your mother and have you as a daughter. But, he could not, he had obligations as well as traditions to uphold.

Negative ~ Page of Air ~ The Trickster
This card expresses the internal and external questions that have no answers, who where your parents, where were they, why did they leave you? What would have happened to you if you had stayed with your parents, what if a different family or no family had taken you.
This is a long list of 'what ifs' and 'will never knows'. No matter how you tried, you could not escape all the questions.
When you grew older and understood that you 'saw' things differently as well as 'knew' things, it puzzled you that you could not find these answers. It nearly drove you crazy not being able to tap into the 'source' and be given the answers.
Because you where different, because of your abilities, the desire to know your blood parents possessed your mind. You wanted to know all the whys and whos that there where.

The rape that impregnated your mother came by way of a 'tribe' of shady characters. Perhaps road bandits or a bad batch of gypsies. She knew that she was to be with child from this encounter and with so much already a burden in her life, within her village towards her, she followed the tribe.
She packed what things she could and when the tribe left, she followed behind. She almost missed their departure for they left in the middle of the night. She did not 'enter' into the tribe and socialize but hung back a bit. She did not hide, she wanted them to know she was following and they knew. But they did not know why....except for one who had a pretty good idea and even that puzzled him as well as made him nervous.
The leader of the tribe was pretty observant and noticed your father's nervousness. The leader wanted confirmation of his instincts and came to your mother during one of the stops about a weeks time into the journey.
When asked, your mother only responded with the fact that she was pregnant with 'that man's' child.
The leader thought she was bluffing, for how could she know this in such a short time.
But being the crafty man he was, she struck a chord in him and he liked your mother. He decided to allow her to travel with them, but made it clear that this was not joining them. He would see in time if she was telling the truth.
Obi, as the leader was known by, instructed all the men to not lay with your mother and told her his instructions as well and if anyone even tried, she was to tell him right away.
As it happened, your mother began to show. The few women of the tribe helped her out with altering your clothing as well as finding their own to give to her.
About 5 to 6 months into the pregnancy a different man of the tribe attacked your mother. She went straight to Obi and that man was left hanging from a tree. This really made your dad nervous. He did not know if your mother had told the leader everything and if he would end up hanging from a tree as well.

Work & Possessions
Self ~ XII Silence ~ Visionary Spirit  -R-
Who you where, your abilities and all, and the not knowing where you came from, as well as the influx of religion of those times, you where not able to use your abilities to their fullest and this was hard on you. The visions and impressions, and the torments of all the 'what ifs'.
To do other work, was a distraction. Your mind was so busy and full of psychic information that it was hard to work at other jobs. You best success at work was being able to do what you wanted when you wanted. You where not lazy, it was just that you could not be on any regimented schedule. Most of your early adulthood was spent at a Manor, tending to the things that contributed to the good of the whole. I would not be until you got older that you where able to 'live on your own'.

Positive ~ 4 of Air ~ The Nest
The imagery of this card is somewhat reflective of what is seen in the family cards.
It is because of being left with this family, in this community that you where able to learn the things that you did. Life with your mother would have never given you the skills that you gained by growing up and living among these people. One of the things you learned was birthing children. The family you where raised with was a long line of mid-wives.
Obi may have been a bit of a criminal type, but still a wise and honorable man.
If one of the women of his tribe was in need of 'feminine' care or was ready to deliver, he scheduled his rounds to be sure that this family, and in time you, where to ones that tended to the births.

Negative ~ XV Fiddler ~ Wild Spirit  -R-
Here is more of that 'being different'. You where so much different and this generally put people off. While they did not feel that you where a threat, you where not crazy, they did feel uncomfortable around you.
Most could not put a finger on why you made them feel uneasy. Maybe it was the midnight singing.
Generally and most times there was always this tensions between you and everyone else.
But you where different and one of the different things about you is that some days, you seemed normal.
This usually came with the days that you would be delivering a baby, or has something serious and important to tend to.
Because everything in your life, thoughts and feelings where such a mess, you did not hold back too much as goes 'how' you lived in the mundane. You where odd and did strange things, as it was how others saw you. You knew you had this eccentric spirit within and you let if fly when you could. But when it came time for one on one interaction by way of duty, you where very sound and serious.
People where just not sure how to take you.

Love & Relationships
Self ~ 10 of Earth ~ Gone to Ground  -R-
This card expresses the 'homebody' nature of your being.
You did not go out and socialize much and you actually preferred staying at home.
It was only with your Frenchman did you have any real relationship. He enjoyed your quick wit and your 'sneaky' ways of keeping your true nature hidden, all the while spreading the truth. You had complete trust in this man and for that you ever so grateful. It was hard on you, but not very hard for you where happy to have it at all- but part of you longed for him to come and stay with you and not travel all the time.
You hoped that someday, later in life when he could not travel any more that he would 'come home', but he never did.

Positive ~ XXI The Reaper ~ Wild Harvest
You have such an outpouring of love that helped so many people. I would wager that in this current lifetime that you have Chiron in Pisces (those born between 61 and 69 have this placement) This is where the final stages of healing happens and happens on a spiritual level. Relationship troubles? That is due to your life purpose to transmute negative energies of others into positive energy. Turning peoples perspectives around and bring them to a place of spiritual growth. It's not easy to convince a person to change. And for you to absorb all that negativity drains you.
The truth of the light is LOVE, not just a romantic love, but love in all ways. Any suppression and tensions, misdirection and denial comes out in other ways, not so much in the mind, but within the body. This card speaks of nurturing yourself with the same caring and love you give so much of to others. In it all, you are forgetting yourself. You have a spiritual green thumb but your garden has run wild with weeds.

Negative ~ 6 of Earth ~ Heartbeat Drum
This card continues the dynamics of your past-life relationship. It shows how you had to cope with only having that love around you sporadically. Understanding the way it was to be, yet wanting something more consistent. Wanting your cake and eat it too, but knowing that if you did that, the karmic repercussions would be intense. This has set you up to able to sync yourself to the course of your lives after this one (the past one). Even with romance problems, you are accepting of the outcome and understand that it is for the better. But, at the same time, you long for something lasting. You seek a deep connection, as is 'two hearts that beat as one'. You want that to be a normal everyday thing. In your past life, you worked towards releasing these anxieties and melancholy moods by exploring the ancient sacred places near your home and connecting with the ancestors and star-beings.
Deep mediation was a ritual for you then, and should be now. This is your time to go within and connect with all that is.

Equate the themes, situations and emotions from the past life, and how they are reflected in this life. You may encounter events in your life that are parallels of the past, you may make certain decisions based on the 'fears' or 'habits' that have their roots in the past life.

Challenge/Lesson ~ King of Fire ~ The Chieftain
Getting your message across is the challenge and indeed a theme seen in this past life. How are you to convey your words of wisdom and not be looked at like you are crazy. Mutual understanding in all kinds of relationships is a rare thing for you.
Idle conversation with associates or strangers has you a bit frustrated as well. When you are not sounding 'crazy' to them, what you are saying is going right over their heads. They just don't get it. Then there are those few times when they just do not want to get it. But, you are a 'teacher' and as hard as it is sometimes, you have your passions and that keeps you going. Taking a break now and then is good for your spirit. If you don't have one, find a place away from others where you can find that connection with the spirit beings and your power animals. They have much to teach you that your are to pass along. Be it one person with deep intensity, or be it a small social group, or be it a message to the masses. Overcoming what ever fears you harbor and the detrimental side to your ego will be the most challenging but not impossible. Life is limitless when one can be in balance and not let the ego and fears run things all the time.

You had such confidence in your past life that how could possibly have another life time like that?
Now having this confidence by no means that life was without struggle, it was how you handled the struggles, your attitude towards them and how you worked around them. You did not let these things stand in your way. Chieftain says you can have that power again, as it was then.

 Heart ~ 8 of Air ~ The Caged Bird
This card is asking, what are you holding back?
Have you been hurt so many times in so many ways that you are utterly afraid of opening the cage and letting your heart out?
This is an intense card in this placement. There is an element of being captive and that of being free. This card is expressing courage and strength through love. This is liberation of the spirit and soul.
Love is not easy by any means. You know what people do, they do not know what they are doing, they are so far from understanding what real love is. Have compassion for them.
The card is telling you, learn how to love unconditionally and not have it hurt you.
You have lived through the bad, have survived to become a much wiser person. With all you have been given and the lack of appreciation in return, it's old news to you, it is all poop on the newspaper. Throw it out.
At this point there is nothing that anyone can pull on you that you are not going to see a mile away.
You can save yourself different aches and pains of the heart by having established boundaries drawn between you and others, others as individuals and others of a group/type. There are times when you need to shield your heart and that is done with the mind, the attitude and the approach.

Soul ~ I Cunning Man ~ Magical Spirit
This card reflects the nature of your being in the past life, your creative ways of coping with a bad hand of cards and coming out smelling like a rose, bluffing till the end and putting on a face no one can read, or is the one you want them to read. All the smart and crafty ways seen in several of the above cards are summed up in this single card. This is a Magi, the alchemist.
And what does the alchemist do? They create transmutations, as in lead into gold, negative into positive.
He has all the tools and can put them to work to create what ever it is that he wants.
You have all the tools you need to create and connect.
Dance your dance you are who you are. Nothing about the pure and true you is out of place. However, as seen in some of the cards above, there are a few obstacles to over come.
Then, freedom and liberation is yours.

Sacrifice ~ 8 of Fire ~ Illness
Not getting your soul and spirit in balance lends to illness. We saw this in the Wild Harvest card.
There is a power within you, an energy that is not flowing as it should, if not flowing at all.
This again takes us back to the theme of suppression. The energy is not flowing as it is meant to and must find other outlets. These outlets are not always healthy physically.
This also takes back to the theme of balance, getting that energy flowing as it should will be a transmutation of the self. Learn to heal yourself, heal the parts that give you pain and you will be working the tools that you have. When you have healed yourself you then know that you have corrected the flow of energy.
Do you have stomach problems?  I'm getting that your Third Chakra is in need of attention.

Hidden Influence ~ 9 of Water ~ Waterfall  -R-
This is a card of cleansing; washing away all that has built up and squirting out in the wrong directions.
It is an energy generator when on course.
This is also about faith, just going for it and allowing you to trust yourself and the Universe.
Often times you are fighting against the direction that you are supposed to be going in.
Again, what are you holding back, are you resisting? What dream have you not supported yourself in? What have you wanted to do, but it just seems there would never be a way for you to do it.
Remove these concepts and thoughts and let yourself run wild.
Go exploring into the realms of your feelings. Find what is useful and what is not and wash it away.
Do you have fish tanks or better yet a water fountain? Here is where you are to focus your meditations in this lifetime, as you did in the past with the sacred places of the land.
Water is your conduit in this lifetime. It is one of your main tools.
Do you see orbs at all? Do you have wind chimes? You need some chimes or bells around you and your space, in places where they will jingle. Put bells on doors, lamp switches, cabinets, wherever as long as they are making some noise on a daily basis.
When you shower, make it more than just a body wash. Have a ritual so that the water can also cleanse the spirit. This happens naturally when we bath, but not as effectively as when we focus the spiritual cleansing.
The way water is a conduit for you, you are a conduit for others and you pick up all that negative energy like a magnet but you are not getting rid of it efficiently. Your spiritual waste treatment plant is clogged and is contaminating it's surroundings.


  1. What a fascinating reading! There were moments when it felt like it could have been for me. Very cool. :-)

  2. Well- darn it. I posted a reply via my phone app but did not show up. But it is a Mercury retrograde and funny things happen with the internet during these times. Perhaps it will show up later….but maybe it won't, so I will 'say' it again.

    I have a few theories about what a past life really is. First is the traditional understanding that comes from the Eastern traditions, where the whole idea came from in the first place. Another thought I have about it is that all the memories of the lives people have lived are in a spiritual library so to speak and that everyone has access to these memories and we connect with the 'life stories' that mirror what we are facing in this lifetime for the 'story' has something to offer as far an understanding and coping with the life we are currently living. Another idea I have is similar, but rather that a 'library', it is the spirit of the person(s) that lived in the past that are looking out for us and when we 'reach out' to understand our own lifetimes through a past life, the spirit connects us with the life that they lived, because of the themes, patterns and events that correlate with our own life. Again, to gain some understanding. The last idea I have is not totally there; ancestry can negate this theory. The theory is that these past life memories are genetic. We remember the lives of those in our family down the line for 1000's of years. However, the fact that a person may get a past life report that comes from a culture and people that is in a totally different part of the world than one's own ancestry. That might work fine for people who are 'mutts' like myself, but even then, If I had a lifetime that came from Morocco, I have no ancestors from that part of the world, so that idea does not work.