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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Elemental - Connolly

Elemental spread ~ Connolly deck
“What now? with everything that has happened.”
~ A general, overall reading ~

Fire- 8 of Wands
The flow of the figure 8 shape, or infinity on it's side, has a continuous change of direction and yet the movements are smooth (when drawn over and over). Each pass is a little different from the last but is always the same flow, is all connected and interwoven. This is a Fire card in the Fire position an excellent placement for the growth and speed of things. This is a card of things lining up and goals coming together. This combination is pure love and passion in everything you are doing. This card also warns you to be prepared for things will happen fast when the time comes. You are in a race that is all your own and the further you go the more momentum you pick up. With each stride you run you do not become more spent instead you gain more more energy. This is leaps and bounds, you are well on your way to being on Fire!

Earth- Hermit rx (reversed)
This is also an elemental parallel, Earth card in Earth position. The Hermit is a tender and fickle character. His retreating nature can be an asset but can also be a hinderance. He can be to picky at times and yet can be very contemplative. He can be a guiding light, or be in search of something himself. This card in this position speaks of keeping everything in balance.  This is about the inconsistencies that is the nature of keeping a smooth flow. Infinity is the same, but always different~ applied here is about knowing when being a Hermit, in one way or another, is a good thing and when that same Hermit aspect is a bad thing. It will not be the same in every situation. You will need to watch for when it is you that needs to be the guide, when you step back and start a search, or perhaps be the guide that leads a search. But also know when a retreat is in order. Things are currently not at their most equal state at the moment. This is a call to evaluate your mode of operations. In what ways are you spending too much time alone? (for example, kids pretty much nullify any longterm alone time). In what ways are you overly critical? of others, of yourself and your work? Are you hunting for something and just find yourself going in circles?
The Hermit also speaks of a hidden talent in regards to something within the Earthly physical and material realm. You may have already discovered this talent quite recently or you have yet to discover it. The feeling I get is that you do not even know what it is at the moment.

Air- King of Pentacles rx
This card relates to the Hermit card, it is also an Earth card (but in Air position) and is reversed like the Hermit. Have you been confused more than usual? Feeling less inspiration or a bit bothered that you are not able to attend to the things you want to spend time on? Feeling pulled in too many directions or a bit overwhelmed? This is mentally focusing, assessing everything from a step outside of yourself and making a determination of what is most important and what needs your attention now and what can wait, and what is totally something to let go of or give to another to tend to. This King is business minded, I wonder about the air aspect of education in business and the classes you are taking (card is reversed). I wonder if you will really get useful information from your classes. Sure you will learn something, but does it really apply? How much has been taught that you already know in contrast to the new things you have learned? Can these things really be utilized effectively? After all this is a formal-conforming-educational system, not really always in touch with the ways of the Ether. Not saying that quitting school is what should be done, but perhaps when the semester is over, reevaluate it's usefulness before continuing on.

Water- The Moon
Again, another parallel combination, a Water card in the Water position. This card brings the hidden and confusion aspects into play. This is a clouded perception and uncertainty of knowing what it is you want and need to do and how/when. Parts of you want to go in one direction and other parts of you in the opposite direction and thus is the confusion. External situations compound the emotions and thought process that is required to be in control and in the know of things. The Moon says that all that is needed is to listen to intuition. Does it feel right and good? or does it feel off and muddled? Now is not the time to be in any sort of confusion, state of fear, or disillusioned in any way. Moon reminds you that there is a natural cycle and ebb and flow to the workings of the world on all levels. You are a little out of synch and just need to get back into the flow.

Spirit- Queen of Swords
This is a card of cunning and a critical approach, It is also communicative action. This queen is not someone to be messed with for she can be ruthless and easily outwits anyone who opposes her. Do not piss her off. I do not see this queen as someone you will encounter as a problem (but ya never know, at least this way you will see her coming and steer clear), I feel that this is someone who is a teacher or participant in your 'quest'. Some one who can cut through the muck that has been hindering you and give you some food for thought. She is good at breaking things down and compartmentalizing things. By doing this you can get a better view of what all is going on and what is ahead of you. Write it out! Make a 'map' so to speak so that it is easy to 'see' everything and make sense of it all.

So overall, since much of the reading seemingly contradicts the first card. You have your passion and your goal and there is nothing to change with that. However, there is more to be had and a new direction with new adventures to be had. The inkling of these things have been poking about and has had you questioning things and wondering about if you are doing the right thing or not. You are on the right track and just have a few wrinkles to iron out and then everything will become clear and the path will present itself. Keep a watchful eye and ears open. Do not allow doubt or confusion to cloud things. Solid and yet open is the state of being that you need to encompass, embrace and master.

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