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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

I Am - Dragon

I Am Spread - Dragon Deck
Question: Need clarity on a business plan. 
Do I do it or not?

1. My Foundation - Ace of Swords
You are full of ideas and constantly in thought about how to improve things and make things grow. Do you keep a 'ideas book' handy and utilize it? If not, get one and keep it with you at all times (dedicate one to 'web workings', have another one for your crafting creations). You are a fountain of ideas. Like the rainbow in the card, your ideas are built upon what you can do to get to that pot of gold. You are able to sort things out, see the bigger picture and analyze most aspects, knowing ahead of time the pit-falls that one could encounter. 
This card is also one of breaking through and taking a new direction and taking action…what was it you said in your blog about your word for the year? New year, new ideas, Ace- a card of beginnings. This card, the foundation, IS your Words. 
With this card, it reaffirms the breakthrough you had when going through the process of finding your 'word'. This is your foundation and everything you think of and build will have this at it's base. Make it sound and keep it solid. Do that and there is no telling what is possible. 
The card's advice for you is to write 'good and bad' lists. This aids in your analysis of things, as well as getting a better understanding of yourself.
You can do lists for your ideas; what's good about the idea, what is bad about the idea. You can do a G&B list when you encounter a mental crossroads. In black and white, and side by side, one can get a really good measure of how the good and bad weighs out. 

2. Where I Am Good - Ace of Coins -rx
We already know you are good at coming up with new ideas and you are good at making money. You fully understand what it involves and are willing to dedicate to it. And, like the card above, you are good at coming up with ideas, but this card is reversed so not so good at starting them.
It is not that you are lazy about it. You just always hesitate when you have one thing you are focused on, other times you have so many ideas you are not always sure which one to focus on. An Ace reversed is stuck in the mud. It is clarity that you seek and need. In the image of the card is a labyrinth, taking a 'walk' will help you figure things out. When you are in that space that you feel that you are unsure or spinning your wheels, in that moment of hesitation- just stop and walk the labyrinth. Perhaps make yourself a fire-finger-labyrinth. With this you can sit down and follow along and align your thoughts to find your direction.
This card also speaks of your fear of waste. Investing in something that does not pan out, putting effort into something that does not come to fruition. The key to this is how you are looking at things. With a 'waste of time', that is an easy one to figure out. It is not time wasted, but lessons learned. The hard one to justify… an investment, gone downhill. When you look at it all by itself, the numbers cannot be denied. However, when you put that investment into the whole scheme of things, it can become insignificant. 
This card tells you to not be so 'cautious' about (most) opportunities.

3. My Focus - 7 of Swords -rx
This card in this position is about avoiding 'danger', changing things mid-stream. But the card is also about trickery and theft, traditionally. It is also about having difficulties taking the first step in a new endeavor. In this card, the character is someone who flies solo. (I think we have your answer, ?, maybe) In flying solo, this is about initiation, taking that first step, taking the (Ace of Swords) idea and turning it into something physical (Ace of Pentacles). When this card is reversed, the 'theft' becomes retrieval. This may suggest that you return to some original idea (maybe we don't have your answer….), what once was and bring it back. As the Ace of Coins says to not be so cautious, the 7 of Swords asks you do pretty much the same thing. Drop the sword and approach with open arms.

4. What I have to Offer - XVI Tower -rx
When I saw this card land in this position, it sort of confused me at first. Tower (if) upright, for what you have to offer, an avenue for selling other peoples work, is easy to see. That would be a change from the norm and are open doors to 'great heights'. But this card is reversed, and that throws me a bit. Traditionally, the reversed is just a lesser energy than upright, rather than the opposite meaning. This could mean that if you do offer a space to sell other people's work, it would not be as 'great' as everyone hopes. And all the work you did on other people's behalf would be a 'waste'. But on the other hand, the reverse nature of this card is also a breaking through the hard times, you offer an avenue that people need. …this card gives no answer, some help it was….!

5. My Resources - XIII Death
As we open with the Ace cards of the new, we close with a Major card of the old- beyond old…dead. 
I was not sure which way the cards were pointing, they had been all over the place, but Death seems to put them into some sort of perspective.

Ace of Swords seems to say - go for a new venture
Ace of Pentacles seems to say - you are afraid it won't fly, but does not exactly say 'no' to doing it
Seven of Swords says go solo first then sort of changes it's tune
Last lines of both the last two cards seem to say 'go for it, don't be afraid, don't think yourself out of it'
Tower expresses the (very valid) hesitations but also says it's a way to help others
And then we end with Death…A transformation. This is a card that can also represent the opposite, being stuck. Stuck in the old ways and caught up in patterns (like hesitation?). This is also like the 7 of Swords, about being free…it is cutting ties. But you have no ties at this time. 
The question is about creating ties. 
Out with the Old (being as you are now) and in with the New, but what is the new? Your current idea of new is this idea to sell works of others that fit a theme. That's a good idea, I can see all kinds of benefits for you as well as the creator. The only down side would be if the revenue was not as was expected, or if what ever payment arrangements (or delivery of product- I don't know what your idea for 'set up' would be) are not followed through with…in other words, someone, somewhere, getting ripped off, you or the customer, we do see 'theft' within the reading (but that may not be about blatant dishonesty).

As a resource, this is the ability to come back from the 'dead', it is new growth. You are able to revive and resurrect something that has been incubating for some time. Earlier in the 7 of Swords we see that there is a retrieval, which is the same as returning. The resource, your answer, seems to be neither of the two avenues you present, but something else that you have already given thought to, but have dismissed for what ever reason. 

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