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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Clover - New Vision


CLOVER SPREAD ~ New Vision Deck
QUESTION or ISSUE: "In a nutshell there is a house we want to buy but may not be able to"
(rx = reversed; meaning card landed is up-side-down visually)
HEAD: XVII The Star - rx
LEFT HAND: 8 of Pentacles - rx
RIGHT HAND: IX The Hermit - rx
HEART: Queen of Wands - rx
HOME: Ace of Wands

This is an interesting throw of cards, all reversals up until the last card which is the 'Home' card and that is what your question is all about. Typical to just about all my readings is the "Duh" nature of the first card. When you presented this issue to me, your words were, "In a nutshell there is a house we want to buy but may not be able to" this card in this position reiterates that statement. It is your 'wish' to get this house, but you are thinking ('Head') you won't (reversed). Now do not allow yourself to get ahead and start looking at all these reversals as a 'bad' thing. Reversed cards can be extremely helpful. With the Star reversed, this is all about doubt and some disillusions. Not really seeing or thinking all too clearly. This may be due to feeling overwhelmed or lacking focus in some areas. This card is telling you to be careful and make sure that you have gone over everything with a fine tooth comb. You may have been distracted and have missed some important aspects of the house.

The missing of something goes along with what the 8 of Pentacles in the Left Hand position has to say, and asks, 'What condition is this house in really?'…'Do you feel prepared/skilled for what may need to be done?'
This position and card is suggestive of a home that will be needing a lot of work. The 8 of Pentacles is a card of skilled craftsmanship. While the home looks good, it may not be built all that well. Or it has gotten to that age where things start to need attention and repair. There are quite a few things that can be done without paying someone to do it, but if one does not know how to do it, then they must pay to have someone who can. I get a sense from this combination that you are not really in the know or position to deal with any unexpected repairs.

The Right Hand holds the Hermit card, upside-down. From this I feel that there is some sort of heavy energy with the home. Like the repairs being a drain, this house 'sucks you in'. Hermit reversed is one who becomes anti-social. If you are always having to do something to the house, then how would there be any time for any social life? The Hermit reversed connects to the Star card with it's disillusion aspect. The Hermit reversed can be of someone not being totally truthful about things, or are misrepresenting something. This card is also one of resentments. It would really suck to get into a home that you are supposed to be comfortable in and end up miserable.

Heart card is Queen of Wands, and echoes different parts of what the other cards have expressed. The Queen of Wands is about the desired outcome/project and the actions and thoughts/feelings attributed to them. You want a home you can call your own, you are so ready for it and want to be Queen of YOUR castle. Nothing wrong with that what-so-ever! Being reversed, you need to review what you are capable of and what things you can have the queen role over. Do you have the resources and skills needed for a specific home? How much will you feel like a queen in a certain home? For every day-dream, there is a night-mare. This is not saying that a day-dream HAS a night-mare, but there are always opposite situations. What may seem like a dream come true can turn into a nightmare if all the circumstances are not aware to you. This queen has the need to feel comfortable. If the house, any house, you look at just does not feel quite right no matter how 'good' it looks or 'deal' that you may get, totally be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into and if that is something that you can handle…. especially in the emotional respect. This is a queen who is easily susceptible to stressful feelings.

Home card is the Ace of Wands and is screaming in newness and joy. The new aspect is a second look at this home (or any home) and knowing exactly everything there is about it and what you want in a home.

The Ace of Wands key phrase is 'New Passion'. I take this to mean that there is more than just this one house that you could like and want, as well as obtain. So do not fret if you do not get this house, a better one is in your future. One that you can be comfortable in and fully enjoy. You may have to wait longer that you want to get it, but patience will be a pay-off in the long run. This card is also a 'seed' card. Being a seed and a passion card, make yourself a 'desire list'. What do you want from a house purchase? Low interest rate, sound condition of the home, a sunny backyard, a small yard? List all the positive things and make this you seed; a wish list so to speak. Stick to the list and if the house you are looking at is missing something from the list or has something negative that is the opposite of anything on your list, then that home is not to be considered. It is important for several reasons to actually write this out. It makes it very clear in your mind about what you will and will not do as well as what you want and do not want. The do not wants do not even have to be listed (and should not be listed!) The very omission of such things is clear enough in 'saying' "I don't want".

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