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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Love Light - Hidden Folk


“I just wanted to know about my love life...
what is about to happen…. am i about to meet my special someone.. its just that i am fed up and tired, i just want to be happy for once and not be used by others, because i am a weak person when it comes to emotional states, please help me out…..”

The Cards
HEART - Queen of Wands
HEAD - Ace of Swords
FAITH - 2 of Swords (rx)
FLOW - Knight of Swords
LOVE - X The Wheel (rx)

The positions Heart and Head go ‘hand in hand’ as they both focus totally on the self, where you are emotionally and mentally. It is not a big surprise that the two cards that appear in these positions are an echo of your inquiry about love.
In a nutshell; the queen says ‘I am full of passion and love to give. My life force has a burning desire for a genuine and honorable relationship’
The Ace of Swords is all about new beginnings. The position of the spread is the Head and is about the mind, the thoughts and things we think. The suit of Swords is also about the mind, thoughts and communications. A perfect fit position and card.
It is often that the first card and sometimes the second card of a reading will reiterate the question/issue that has been presented for the reading. It is a matter of reflection for you, the recipient. But there is more to these cards than just recognizing and ‘repeating’ the already known.
This pair is the ‘be all’ at this moment. While it does reflect you and your desire, they go much deeper into what needs to be.
The Queen of Wands is a powerful and passionate woman. She is confident, generous and creative. However, she is a bit quick at times. Can have a short fuse and explode with little effort. For you, in her nature she is expressing this strong desire to find happiness in love. You need to emulate this queen. She is not happy with how you call yourself weak. You are not weak, just impulsive and acts before thinking. She understands this, she is a part of you. She is wanting you to be more a part of her. Have that self-confidence, because a lack of is a big turn off. As you become more of the Queen of Wands. Take the anger and energy from those who have done you wrong. Take the lessons from those experiences and use it as fuel to turn it around an power your own protective energy. Anyone who does not handle you with respect will end up being the one’s that get burned.  The Queen (You) will no longer tolerate those with bad intentions. You have had these bad experiences and now you are solid in your knowing of what you do not want, and the type of people to avoid. Establishing your confidence will help be a repellent to these types. So this is important for you. Do not consider yourself weak in any way any more. Sure we have our moments, but it does not always have to be that way.

This takes us to the Ace of Swords card. When I pulled the cards and spread them out, I thought how odd that other than the Queen and the Major Arcana card, the rest are all Swords. This says that what you are mostly dealing with as a barrier in the area of love is all in your thinking.
In short the ‘translation’ of the card in this position is ‘New way of thinking’. So to see the other sword cards only reinforces this need…more of a requirement if you want to achieve love and happiness.
In realm of the laws of attraction and it’s mechanics, the source of obtaining what we want comes from a thought, which is supported by an emotion. This is a specific manner of thought. And there are specific thoughts to avoid. If you want to add to your life, you need your thoughts to be positive.
Looking back at your question/comment for the cards
“….its just that i am fed up and tired, i just want to be happy for once and not be used by others,, because i am a weak person when it comes to emotional states….”
This sort of speak is contradictory to your true desires. Speak of what you want!
“I am ready for love and full of passionate energy to share with someone special.”
“I and strong and self-confident, and I am in control of my emotions and use them to my advantage every day”
Take these statements and use them, the will build you up to be ready for what you desire, it will create the Queen of Wands person, full of passion, is creative and all burning desires are accomplished, and all because of the Ace of Swords and the new way of thinking.
You need to take all bad thoughts about yourself, and everything else as well, and make good thoughts of them.
Ace of Swords is a brand new world, it is focused thinking. Think everyday about the desire for love and focus on all the good, connect with the emotion of joy that comes with that vision and thought. Hold on to that, live in that. No more time for the past and the pain it caused you. That is old thinking, you need totally new thinking, get away from those thoughts and feelings that have held you back and made you attractive to those who only care about themselves.
Ace of Swords is the power of the mind, it is working your mind, directing it, forcing it to think the way you want to think and think only about what you want and not about anything bad. You HAVE that power! We all do.

Which takes us to the Faith position and the 2 of Swords- which shows up in the reversed position. As you read about the new thinking and stopping the bad thoughts, you must have wondered, ‘How?’ How does one control their thoughts? The 2 of Swords in reversed orientation is about breaking through, getting unstuck, a drastic change from the status quo. The fairy of the card visually expresses this well. We see her in a state of frustration and a hopeless and helpless expression that says- ‘I give up, I don’t know what to do’…
(lol, my hubs strolled by as I was writing that and asked why I looked so sad… don’t be sad! It’s ok.)
So how does this all relate to faith. Again, this is the suit of swords and it is all about thought. Do not think, “I don’t know what to do” (or what ever other excuse you may make for yourself) You know that you need to do something, take action, or things will not change. (We will see more about this action with the Knight of Swords.) The Two of Swords is a challenge, but only if you let it.
I think that Ho’oponopono would be helpful is actually witnessing the changes that come that will help build your faith.

The Challenge is having the faith, and how can one build upon a faith if there has been nothing established that gives us the direction of that faith. Currently, your past experiences created a ‘line of faith’ that says ‘relationships lead to getting hurt and used’. And you say you are tired of it…GOOD…go from tired to mad and mad will be motivating. Being tired of it means let it go! Let go of the belief that you will end up in another troubled relationship. Once you can be confident and happy with yourself, this energy will be seen by others, it will get you noticed. This is the witnessing of what faith can do, how it will show itself to you. When you get that creative Queen energy going, and you glow with joy, and your thoughts are truly in align with your desires, it will be almost hard to believe that things can happen as if it was magic. The easier you slip into being at peace and believe that what you want can happen, the quicker your desire and goals will be achieved.
“Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved” - Napoleon Hill

So what are the actions? We have covered the thoughts and touched on the connection to emotions that your thoughts have. And it is understood that the action of changing your thoughts is required, and that believing in yourself and in the future- having the faith is required. What about physical action? Well, it is not quite that tangible as we are still in the suit of swords with is all intellect. The action here is making the commitment to it all. Commitment to stopping the sad and discouraging thoughts, being confident in your self, rejecting trouble by being careful with your impulsive side. Make a commitment to changing how you think, feel and live your life through your emotions that are tied to the past.
The image on the card reminds me of a song, “I’ll Fly Away”
(If you like the tune, and like to sing, you should sing it for yourself often)
This action is a metaphorical death and rebirth. The old you is shed from your being and a new refreshed and shining you is born.
Now the Knight of Swords is a character a lot like the Queen of Wands, someone who does not take any BS from anyone and if they try they are going to get called on it. But again, like the Queen, this guy can be a bit impetuous, quick to act before really thinking about it….so when you find yourself, ‘jumping the gun’ so to speak in the exploration of love, stop, take a moment, and think about what is happening. That does not revert to paranoid thoughts of the past- remember, those are gone and done. In just the simple act of taking a step back in those moments will put you on a different path and you will not find yourself repeating your personal history.

The last card, the one Major Arcana in the throw of cards… is a nice card that sums it all up. The main message found in all the cards is about change. The need to turn things around, and the card we have in the position of being true to yourself is a card that says “Turn it around!” the Wheel card is oriented in the reversed direction; this is symbolic of a resistance towards change, do not fall into this trap. The Wheel card revered is not a ‘good card’, keywords such as negativity, bad luck, loss of power, stop and start, slow/stuck, and such are text book words for the card. To be true to yourself, you have to ‘turn the wheel around’ make it upright so that everything is changing, moving forward, rolling right along, reaping the rewards of new found fortunes, friends, feelings and more. Getting somewhere and getting noticed! You want to get a hold of the wheel and drive your life in the direction that you want it to go. How to do that is all in how you think and feel about everything.  
Keep moving! even when you feel that things are moving too slow, remember that you have a tendency to be a little impatient about things and that only leads to trouble. So take a step back and wait a moment, sometimes on the road of life we have to yield. Any forward movement is good even if it is baby steps, but one needs to be careful not to go to fast as well. There is a ‘pace’ that is perfect, and you will know it when you are in it.

So…most important, how you think! Be confident in yourself and see yourself as powerful and confident. Move forward, let go of the past. Practice Ho’oponopono! Forgive yourself and others releases you from ‘death’ and you can be reborn and ready for a new phase of life that includes joy and love. Be grateful everyday for the big things as well as the little things and don’t forget the silly things…. laughter is truly a powerful medicine!  Laugh often and especially when suddenly struck with a ‘bad’ thing…laughing at it is like mocking and rejecting it…You do not want to feel bad about things…you want to feel good…it’s the ‘shit happens’ attitude…it happens and we move on…
You make the commitment to this new you, and you will attract exactly what you desire.

TOTAL WORD COUNT: 2153 = 430 words per card

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