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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Horseshoe: 5 cards - Revelations

Five Card Horseshoe spread - Revelations deck - General Reading (no question)



1. Recent Past - Queen of Cups 
2. Current Situation - Ace of Cups
3. Unexpected Events - 5 of Swords
4. Action Advice - 10 of Cups
5. Personal Potential - IV Emperor: Rx

The spread was looking really good until that last guy showed up on his head! However, reversed cards are not necessarily 'bad'.
With all these cups in the spread, the dominating energy here is that of emotions and intuition. We see the first of the numbered cups with the Ace and the last of the numbered, the 10 of Cups. Fitting between the two is the halfway number of 5 but in the suit of Swords which is about the mind, communications, intellect, thought and expression. But then the head honcho comes in doing cartwheels.


The Queen of Cups is a very compassionate woman who is creative, artistic and has a strong intuitive & psychic sense.
She lives by love, but does not let her emotions take control. She is one who understands her own ego. When it rears it's head, she 'talks it through' and the ego goes back to hanging out in the background as it should.

The Ace of Cups is traditionally about the beginnings of a new love or creation. I wonder, with these first two cards; if you have had a profound psychic experience recently. This does not have to be in the form of a vision or premonition. It can be a burst of divine creativity, a 'bright idea' -something of a physical nature that you created with your hands but it was The Source that fed you the instructions. Another traditional aspect is new life, a birth. If this is not an actual baby, then it is the next best thing, something that you have put your heart into and is 'your baby'.

The 5 of Swords can be either redeeming or damaging. It is viewed as a card of defeat, not achieving the goal, failed attempts.

The 'story' that I am seeing unfold is that things were going along as usual and then out of left field, something totally unexpected and extreme happened (more recently, rather than something of the past) and your world came crashing down. Everything was surreal and you really wondered if you would eventually wake up from a dream. There is a feeling and state of being that I am trying to convey. Not sure if I am succeeding. One who has been there knows what it feels like, it is not easy to explain. There is a sense of confusion, but total awareness, in fact even hyper-aware. This is where the psychic stuff comes in. In one day our lives are turned upside down and the 'high' from that is beyond words. It is neither good or bad; it allows us to function in a time of intense crisis or emotions gone wild.

The 10 of Cups is the rainbow at the end of the road, the happy fairy-tale ending. It is a happy home, it is love and joy and warmth. It is with family, or friends, it is with yourself. This is finding joy in life. Like one of the quotes used in LoA 'Follow Your Bliss' as said by Joseph Campbell….This card is where following your bliss will take you, and is the path of recuperation. Being the advice card, it IS saying 'follow your bliss'….do what you love, love what you do.
One of the more difficult things for people is to be able to be at peace and in a perpetual state of joy when one looks around and sees all the unbalance in the world and even more personal, the challenges of life, paying bills, 'threats' to your security, and so on. This card is turning away from all those concerns on an emotional level. Worry and stress over these things is counter-productive. This card says do not look behind, look ahead, see where you are going, keep your eye on the prize and 'forget' the past.

So a quick re-cap: Ace, a new creative beginning after the up-side-downing of life; 5 of swords, and the emergence of new self, queen of cups, in this new life and finding ultimate joy through it all; 10 of Cups.

So what is up with this Emperor? and as representing 'personal potential'….It could be a warning card, saying that if you do not follow your bliss, then all your creative and psychic power will drain from your being. This is a sense of helplessness and not knowing what to do. It is having your control taken away or relinquishing that control to someone else either willingly or by 'force'- in the story the force was the hand behind that unexpected event.

This is a crazy intense reading- and is saying something so very specific that I wonder if this is making any sense to you. I see a few scenarios, a death of a very close loved one would put someone into a spiral like the cards express. Loss of a body part, loss of a job and/or home…
If the cards and what I see in them is hitting it's mark- (((Big Hug)))…hugs either way, while maybe nothing so drastic as the above has happened, the simple theme in the cards is one of being happy and stable and then having the rug pulled out from under your feet, and at least falling into depression and not having anything motivating in life - and in the darkness a burst of inspiration that picks you up; but you still teeter on the edge, you can either back-slide or continue forward and get the most out of life.
In a nutshell, with another quote, "What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger"….but we have to pick ourselves up first.

It's none of my business- but I am curious, what the heck happened? Did something happen even… or am I totally off at the moment (It is a Mercury retrograde and I have noticed that sometimes I am affected by it).

WORD COUNT TOTAL: 1029 = almost 206 words per card

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