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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Seeking Sword - Fantastical

Seeking Sword Spread
DECK - Fantastical

Question: Is my purpose in this lifetime have anything to do with writing? If not, what is my purpose?

1. XVI the TOWER (rx - reversed)~ Hilt: What is the center that brings it all together
2. 10 of Swords (rx)~ Left Guard: the surroundings- environment around you
3. 8 of Swords~ Right Guard: the self- your position and place in the situation
4. 8 of Cups (rx)~ Handle: the grip- the connection and abilities related to the situation
5. I the MAGICIAN~ Mid-blade: What to keep- be it physical, emotional, intellectual or conceptual
6. 5 of Swords~ Swords End: Your aim- the target, the goal and how to land your mark

How amazing this is! Your question is about writing and the suit that came up in force in the draw is the suit of Swords which is the suit of the mind, intellect, communication…all of which are important elements of writing. With this I would say that writing is something you are to be doing. But that is a tough career and success can be a hard and long time coming. But once that fame has been reached, things are easy and many doors open.

The Tower 
This card is telling you that you need to restructure your plan, your methods, actions etc. The way that you have been approaching and apply things is not working for you. They are just not fitting in or getting the attention of others. What you feel you know to be solid, don't count on it…things are not as they seem. The Tower also expresses the long tall never ending trip to the top. The Tower is so tall it's top is in the clouds and that can be intimidating. Take your perspective and view of the tower and tear it down. There are a lot of steps to take to get to the top (your goal, success, a contract). You feel the length of this flight of steps as a daunting task but it is easier if you can just focus on the steps you can see. It is a long haul, no argument there, it is just the nature of the profession. However, there are easier 'gigs' to get to get you noticed as well as get you the feedback you need to improve your skills and give you a better idea of what will work for you.
Again, the overall plan, picture that you have of your path is not a good one. Throw it out and make a new plan. You will have to do some research and planning to make the new plan. Draw up some 'blueprints' several different versions and then pick from those and refine the design (the steps of your plan/goal). 

The 10 of Swords 
This card is wanting you to know that the stress and worry is counter-productive. The things in your environment that are causing you grief needs to be removed, or you need to remove yourself from that environment. This is smothering, squashing, your creative energy. The flip side to this, take notes…in writing it is said, 'write about what you know' and there are situations and elements in these times that you will be able to draw from them in your writing. Journaling what you have going on will help elevate some of the stress, problem solve as well as reference material for more creative projects. 
The 10 of Swords in its reversed position is one of accomplishment, while things seem so far away, you are quite close to something that will get you over the hump so to speak. This is being patient, things are in the process of changing.

The 8 of Swords 
Is visually a card of being trapped and the inability to see what is around you, a way out.  In this position of self, this is simply saying you are the one putting the blinders on and seeing yourself as trapped. This is a self imposed prison so to speak. There are times in our lives when things just do not go the way we want no matter how hard we try. And it is draining, frustrating, depressing and it leaves us with doubts. It is in these moments that we get ourselves into a rut and can't get out. This message connects with the Tower card- this is your rut, and it is time to get out of it. It is as simple as changing one little thing in your life. Besides the new plan, find something in your life to change. Perhaps it is signing up for a yoga class that you have been thinking about for some time, maybe it is a once a month day at the spa or a walk in nature. Pick up some new habit and/or relinquish something. Watch less TV, spend less time on the internet, eat out less. Doing these things changes the direction of your flow and gets you out of that rut.  Upon closer inspection of the image on this card, it is seen that while the figure looks trapped, they really are not. They just need to remove their hands from their eyes and see their way through the wall of swords.
Are you limiting yourself with just a certain style or format of writing?

8 of Cups
This card is about memories. Earlier it was mentioned about your past and pulling from that pool of experience. The position is the handle, the grip that you have upon this metaphorical sword. Cups as a suit deals in emotion and spiritual things. With this I take the card and position to suggest that you have been writing more from a visual and logical direction. You focus more on the action, the cause and effect physically. However, with those causes and effects, there is the WHY, what is it that is motivating these characters to react to what they are faced with. This card speaks of getting into the hearts and the inner-purpose of your characters. Give them more emotions, but also, on a literal sense, they need to have a background. 
Do you formulate bio's for your characters before you begin writing the story? I am not talking just typical stats here like where they where born, any siblings, parents divorced etc. This is about their own memories. In order to have characters that people will relate to, they need to be given a life. The characters need to have something about them that others can grab hold of (the grip) and connect with.

The Magician
What a wonderful card to have in the 'keep' position. The Magician is quite skilled at his craft. He has the know how and tools to create whatever comes to his mind. He is a story teller, illusionist, a chemist and a philosopher. However, there are some trades that do not have a cap on what there is to be learned. There is always room to improve, there are times when it is necessary to experiment. What happens when I mix this with that? Does it make a big boom that makes everyone jump? Or does it sneak up on everyone from out of left field? The Magician is telling you to play around and experiment with your writing. If you write for adults, write something for children. If you write of history (fact or fiction) try some fantasy. Your writing play-dates do not need to be anything that you would show someone. It is just writing to be writing. Maybe get into a routine of doing a 4 page story once a month about something totally new and different than what you usually do. 

5 of Swords
This card is about letting go and laying the 'fight' to rest. It is common for people to view surrender as a 'bad' thing. Not in this case. This is not a surrender that implies submission, imprisonment or giving up. This is the surrender that does not go against the current. When the river flows and you want to get to a location upstream and on the other side, what is going to be the easiest way to do that? Do you take the shortest path and fight the current the whole way and exhaust yourself? Or to you let go of the idea of there being only one way to get there and allow the river to take you on it's own path and make up the difference with much less effort on your part than if you had fought the current. Am I making any sense of that? One would have to walk a certain distance because the river took them down stream from where they had been, but that is not a bad thing since there is much more energy conserved over the amount of effort it took to take the short route. So, surrender is not always a bad thing. We often find ourselves giving up something that we have strived for, but that does not mean that the goal is off the table. Once across the river, one can go backwards and reach their destination. A bit of a detour one might say. (goes back to that new blue-print of your path)
Being the swords card, this is about your writing. It suggests that you find a detour, and easier route- it may take you longer, but will be easier. Don't stress and frustrate yourself with not getting what you want right now, not being able to present your 'masterpiece' and have others be interested. Allow yourself to flow with the current, the natural unfolding of things around you. Things will present themselves to you as a way of guidance. For example, let's say-- "I am a screenwriter, it is what I love to do, it is my goal to see my name listed in the credits. But at the moment, things are not looking so hot. But I have all these ideas, all these scripts!"….don't stop writing. Write and rewrite…consider turning one of your screenplays into a book. Maybe switch from dark adult humor to something funny and enlightening for children. Step outside of your comfort zone. Those that push themselves in this way learn something that no one can teach them. Challenge yourself, enjoy doing it and just go with the flow….everything else will fall into place. 

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