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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Spiritual Circle - Waking the Wild Spirit

Spiritual Circle spread, 7 cards ~ Waking the Wild Spirit deck
Question: general 'what the universe has to tell me' - could focus a bit on relationship

Cards form a circle rotating counterclockwise starting at the top with "Wisewoman"
1- The Kingdom; the Earthly Plane- "I Will"
2- The Foundation; the Emotional Plane- "I Feel"
3- The Splendor; the Mental Plane- "I Can"
4- The Beauty; the Astral Plane- "I Love"
5- The Knowledge; the Etheric Plane- "I Speak"
6- The Wisdom; the Celestial Plane- "I See"
7- The Third Eye; the Ketheric Plane- "I Know"

• The Kingdom; the Earthly Plane- "I Will" ~ Wisewoman; Dreamweaver (II High Priestess)
You are the creator and the council for all that you do. You have the knowledge and the power to accomplish what ever goal you set out to do. This is knowing with the actual practice and use of what you know and the abilities you possess. While not all things are as obvious as others, you are more keen to noticing the little things more than most. This puts you at an advantage above others. You cannot be tricked, for you are usually the one that seems to always be at the right place at the right time and knows just what to do or say; it is like you already knew what was happening. Not everyone appreciates you for this and that is a challenge. There is some resentment felt by those around you. The positions and power that these people hold are using it to hold you back from your full potential. However, your power is stronger and you can find away around their attempts to keep you down.

• The Foundation; the Emotional Plane- "I Feel" ~ Queen of Air; Faery Queen
It is important that you express your thoughts and feelings about emotional things and be careful when you do so that you do not do it in a manner that puts others off. This is about your feelings so everything that is stated should be about yourself and not a finger pointing at others even if they played a significant contributing roll in the events that gave you these feelings and thoughts. Be careful in balancing the compassion with the criticism. It is important that your words are not harsh or intimidating in anyway. This does not mean to be passive, oh no! This queen is a master of assertiveness and that is something to hold on to or develop more if it is a personality trait that needs some exercise. This is also being aware of when you are being to aggressive and overbearing (not from having a mean bone, just out of frustration more than anything) and to turn that thought that needs to be expressed into an assertive statement and not an attack. We may not always realize how we come across, so take some time to reflect on those moments in the past and those you experience that are to come. Could you have said what you wanted to say in a better way?
Don't let your emotions get the best of your communications.

• The Splendor; the Mental Plane- "I Can" ~ 7 of Water; Brewing (rx- reversed)
There is an endeavor or adventure that you want to do and you have been daydreaming about it off and on for quite some time. However, you keep seeing barriers and reasons that stop you from pursuing this further. It is a convincing of yourself that this is not possible. But you can! This is about the past and the memories that you cling to and cannot fully get past. You may be over the person and/or some incident; but this has given you doubts. While these doubts are not unfounded, they are hindering you. Turn fear into caution. Being cautious will allow you to see these undesirables coming (remember the Wisewoman) and then you can bail out or ride the storm. Either way, you will be mentally and emotionally prepared for the event/challenge and not be left with a muck of emotions that have slowed your progress and/or have kept you from opportunities (remember the Queen of Air).

• The Beauty; the Astral Plane- "I Love" ~ 8 of Water; Pollution (rx)
This is like part two of the card above. The past pollutes the heart. Having been jaded, who would be able to have such an open heart and spirit to be subject to random negativity when all that is put forth has been pure love. No one likes getting burned, but as the card above, the 7 of Water says, that caution is like wearing an oven-mitt. You are protected by having the right attitude and to not develop any sort of expectations. See what it is; who they are, or what ever it is you are testing out. You do not need to jump in with your heart right away.
This is testing the waters making sure that it is safe to be consumed. This is also about being able to see a diamond in the rough. What may seem 'dirty' at first, may only need a little care and it will thrive with life. Kindness focused on 'unusual' situations/persons can turn out to be a nice surprise. Kind of like kissing the frog.

• The Knowledge; the Etheric Plane- "I Speak" ~ 7 of Air; Migration
This is a spiritual, emotional, mental shift. It comes with the story that you have to tell. The telling of your story is a catalyst that brings transmutation. After the story has been told the shift begins. The telling of your story does not necessarily mean telling the world, but could. Your story is part- returning to the past and your home, where you where raised and the relationship with family -and your story is the active and in motion present and where you are now. Your story 'ends' with your ultimate goal in life. This is the essence of the philosophy of knowing where you come from, where you have been and that which leads you towards where you are going. You may be a little unclear about your future and exactly what you are meant to be doing. You may have some current issues that have been brewing for a long time and is now on the verge of eruption.
This is not all things that are going sour, but there is a sense that something just is not quite right, something seems to be missing. This is how your snapshot review of the past, things currently and the direction that you are presently heading will bring everything into a single frame and you can determine the direction that you need to go.

• The Wisdom; the Celestial Plane- "I See" ~ Queen of Earth; Mother of Life (rx)
This continues the viewing aspect of the story telling once complete. This is where you see all and connect all the links together. This is where you can play "Fate" and unravel the tangles that have developed along the way so that the plan can continue at it's fullest potential. Some things from the past are done and cannot be 'fixed' in the sense of reversing or reattempting the event/situation. However, an alternate event/situation can be the next best thing, and at this point the only thing that can set things 'right', not perfect, but right as of what all has happened. This is picking up the pieces and taking control of the situation. In taking control, there are things that need to be cut off. Do you have ties with someone that is constantly 'in trouble' and is always coming to you for help or advice (and then does not follow the advice?) If so, get rid of them. If anything, at least establish and make clear the boundaries that the relationship between you two will now have and stick to them.

• The Third Eye; the Ketheric Plane- "I Know" ~ 3 of Air; Freedom Flight (rx)
This is about taking action and not having and fear or doubts. This is also about not holding on to any regrets found when reviewing the past that is your story. Yes, shit happened, yes it hurt deeply, and yes you are partly at fault. However, what done is done and there is no bigger waste of energy than to be bound by the past. The big fat ironic catch here is that YOU KNOW THIS….and you know you are feeling stuck and just are not exactly sure what to do or where to go from here. One thing to do is to do the opposite, or the second thing you think of, or go with the choice that is atypical once in a while.

I'm hearing- 'take a vacation'. It is not to be anything fancy or extreme. It is a long weekend at the coast, or a camping adventure in the woods. There is a need to have some quality time with nature.

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