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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Egg Relationships - Fey

Relationship Egg spread - Fey deck

 “basically want to know how you see my friendship with amanda developing and whether there is a chance of it developing into a sexual one or not”
1 & 2. Foundation; the past of two people

1. You- Emperor       2. Them- Knight of Wands
These two cards tell me that you are more of a planning person. One who likes to have everything in place and running smoothly.
Your friend is more of a free-spirit, living each day as its own. She is fun and extroverted, likes being in the spotlight at times.
These are two personalities that are on opposite ends, opposites do attract, but are not always compatible in relationships.
Relationships with this polarity dynamics can take a lot of work, communication and understanding.
In your case, I feel a sense of a connection through the Element of Air. This deals with the thoughts and communications in life and in ourselves. There is a strong mental connection between the two of you. Are you the older one?
The Emperor card shows a King Fey sitting in his stone made Throne.
The throne floats high in the sky, overlooking The Lands. A darling little critter sits upon a floating boulder on one side, and a sword embedded into a bolder floats on the other side. The sword is to his left represents accepting one’s destiny. To recognize and fulfill one’s own potential.
The critter on the right represents the compassion and comfort that is needed to make the way through without forgetting those that depend upon you.
The Knight of Wands shows a female fey riding upon a brightly colored bird. She flies freely through the clouds and sky, rising high above the land and through the treetops. She is shouting at the top of her voice, expressing the exhilarating feelings she has from such an experience.
This card represents the enjoyment and adventure that one finds to be an important aspect in life. This is a free-spirited being that cannot be caught for they are swift and ever seeking a new adventure. They can be great wonderfully fun companions, but one must be careful not to hold them too tightly.
This card always makes me think of the saying. “If you love something, set it free, if it returns then it was meant to be.”
3. Creative Beginnings- What Brings You Together

Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords shows a fey kneeling someplace deep within the earth. Her eyes glow with the passion she feels. As she kneels, she raises her arms up and opens her hands to receive a glowing red blade. She faces the Fey in the Ace of Chalices
This continues with this mental connection from the two cards above.  The Ace of Swords is representational of new thoughts, ideas and initiation into something. The initial attraction is rooted in a similarity in the way you think and express yourselves; seeming to finish each other’s sentences, or thinking about the same things at the same time. It is a wonderful foundation for a great friendship.
4. Emotional Beginnings- Feelings Within

Knave of Chalices
Knave of Chalices shows a fey in ceremonial dress holding a stone goblet. The goblet is filled with water and a golden fish looks up at the Fey who is looking back.
You see something in your friend that you absolutely adore. It stirs deep emotions within you. I will say it is her playful and outgoing nature. One must be careful with such strong adorations, for it can cause a reaction that is opposite of the desired outcome. Adoration to the level of possession is disrespectful. Wanting to be able to be more like someone else and not actually doing so can create resentments and lead to some form of control.
5. Creative Direction- Evolution & Lessons

Ace of Chalices
The Ace of Chalices shows a fey standing in a large vessel of water, her arms are up and hands cupped holding within them water that she offers up to the Spirit. She faces the Fey in the Ace of Swords.
This friendship is one that is about love and kindness. This is a card of cleansing and purification. A lesson in letting go and that not everything is something that one can hold onto forever. It is also about sacrifice and giving into the nature of emotion. The card speaks of reflecting upon one own concepts of love and what it means to love unconditionally. That Love is Divine.
***Both the Fey on the two Ace cards have their hands held in the position that is much like connecting; giving or receiving with the Universal spirit. Your friendship/relationship is karmic in nature. You both have something to learn from each other. Being opposites, I am inclined to say that you might be the one that teaches structure and grounding, where she can teach you to lighten up and be free occasionally.  
These two cards show the tempering of two personalities and a blending of ideals and dreams.
The friendship is one that seems to be one brought together by fate for some purpose that you both can benefit from.
I wish I could offer you pictures of these cards, for the imagery is quite expressive. My camera is broken and I do not have a scanner. Pictures often make understanding the words easier on a subconscious level.  

6. Emotional Direction- From the Heart

10 of Swords
The 10 of Swords shows a fey standing in a great hall, the fey’s sword is shattered and the fey’s legs are turning to dust. The fey is surprised, caught off guard by this sudden disintegration. There is no escaping this reaction.  
If there is not a kind and gentle approach, if there is a tug of war between freedom and control, things can fall to pieces.
This is about ‘Individually’ and one’s freedom of self expression.
What may seem like good intentions may not be so; it can be a matter of manipulation coming from a source that is not of compassion and understanding. Miscommunication can be an issue. Though you operate on the same mental level, when emotions are thrown into the mix, ego can over-ride when it is in fear or feels threatened. These threats can be feelings of abandonment or lack of trust. Be careful of your words and how you present your emotions.  

7. Relationships Potential 

Knight of Swords
The Knight of Swords shows a Fey riding upon a dragon. The fey has a sword raised high over head. Ready for battle, the fey yells.
As your personalities are opposite, it can create conflict; yet can also be one of great force and passion. It is important not be too pushy or demanding. Even though your connection with this person is quite strong mentally, it may not be such a good connection emotionally or sexually. Yet there is a strong sexual attraction that confuses things.
The lessons from this union can be made worthless if too much emphasis is put on aspects of the relationship that are not meant to be.
Do either of you tend to be a bit argumentative with friends and loved ones? Might be a little bit over sensitive at times? If someone says something that is not liked, are you (or her) quick to defend yourself?
I see that there is some sort of issue within that needs some attention. Times are hard and things can be stressful, and not always do we recognize how we interact with others. We can lose site of feeling at ease and relaxed. Pent up frustrations coming out at the wrong time and directed towards the wrong people.
The feeling I get from these cards is that there is a great friendship here. One of strong ties and strengths in other ways that are not typically found in most friendships. Your’s is unique. I also feel some strong sexual tensions, a battle between lust and passion and a true unconditional spiritual love. A physical relationship may not be the best thing, but it is really dependant upon the mental and emotional understandings that the two of you share, it is a very tricky endeavor, but successful can be amazing.
Things are still in the development stage and things are slowly evolving in a proper manner.
To tamper would be counter-productive. There are things in both of your personalities that need more time and room to stretch. Self discoveries and smaller attributes you each have yet to see in each other.

WORD COUNT TOTAL: 1428 = 204 words per card

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