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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Egg Projects - Pagan Cats

Egg Spread: for projects, ideas, business, anything creative ~ Pagan Cats deck
Question: (statement) I am now unemployed. Kinda hoping my business picks up to a point I can just stay home and that it will pick up enough to bring in what I was making - Focus for the reading, "general financial, work, business"

Position 1 & 2 relates to the idea or project - It is the foundation. This can be the past, resources on hand, old skills & supporters. 

CARD 1: Knave of Cups (rx- reversed)  
CARD 2: 5 of Swords (rx)

Position 3 represents the Creative Thoughts: 
 - 8 of Wands (rx)

Position 4 represents the Logical Thoughts: 
 - 4 of Pentacles (rx)

Position 5 represents the Logical Actions: 
 - XII Hanged Man (rx)

Position 6 represents the Creative Actions:  
- Queen of Pentacles (rx)

Position 7 represents the Projects Potential:
 - 10 of Swords (rx)

WOW - only once in all my 20-something years of reading have I gotten all reversals in a spread that is more than 4 cards. I know that when I shuffled I cut and turned portions of the deck shuffled and did more cuts and turns and so on. But I still flipped the deck over to actually see that there are cards that are upright. Had the spread been 8 cards the last card would have been upright and that card is the Knave of Swords which I will include as a bonus card for I feel that it is important due to the cards in the spread.
However, do not be intimidated by all reversal cards, they do not always imply a tough challenge or unfortunate events. They can be cards with great advice.

FOUNDATION: Knave of Cups and 5 of Swords
These cards express the deep worries and fears you have with the situation that you are in currently. Times are tough and a challenge and have the potential to be emotionally draining. This worry and stress is keeping you from enjoying the moment and loving each day for what it is. The past events have you on edge and what has happened and it's 'depressing' and unfortunate aspects are lingering in your mind and heart and it is wearing on you and keeping you from being able to move forward with the attitude and energy for achievement. The Knave of Cups expresses that your own projections are key to seeing yourself through this situation and overcoming the challenges.

This is a master of creation card, it is significant in the endless inspirations and solutions that are viable in changing the way things are going. This is utilizing your intuition and inspiration and following the signs that the universe puts before you as crumbs along this latest stretch of the 'race'. You are close to the finish line and the closer you get the more nervous you become (foundation cards). You think, all this effort and all could crumble. Do not allow this perception, this projection (knave of cups) to over-ride what your higher-self knows to be true. In order to keep yourself from these projections, the 8 of Wands is telling you to immerse yourself in the things that you have passion for, the things that excite you. Let your creative energy flow this way and all other things will fall into place. Keep your eye open for the hints that the Universe drops.

LOGICAL THOUGHTS: 4 of Pentacles (rx)
This is the card of juggling finances, it is borrowing from Paul to pay Peter. This of course is the typical logical thought when finances are strained. It is the social programming of society to feel burden and stress about money. Money is also called currency, root word, current; which what is a current? It is a flow it is the come and go and always moving. This is the purpose of money. Your stress signified by this card is the question, "How am I going to pay this, for that, for everything, for anything?" This is a 'logical' question when one knows the budget; income and expenses and the income falls short. However, what does this type of thinking do? what does it solve? It causes stress and worry and then you cannot connect and focus on the things that bring you joy and it solves absolutely nothing. This may be a very common and well known logical and on paper looks good manner of thinking, but it is not a productive manner of thinking.
The 4 of Pentacles is telling you to really become connected with your budget and finances and do so as an external viewer. This is a puzzle that you need to put together to make it work and you can't do a good job of putting it together if you are hurrumphing every few minutes when you get to looking at the real numbers. This juggler of money has to know exactly what he is to juggle in order to not drop anything and mess up his rhythm. Look at the incoming current and the outgoing, and the pattern to make a plan. Arrange the incoming to take care of the outgoing in such a way that it puts your mind at ease. It may be that there will need to be some reductions in areas on paper. However, there is the unknown income that will come your way to off set these cut backs.

*Do this 'self check'….when you are working on your business, be it crafting, networking, or shop tending- what is the nature of the internal dialog that whispers in the back of your consciousness? Is it 'weeeee! having fun!' or is it 'I need this to work'. One nature is enjoying the moment, the later is filled with doubt.

The Hanged Man sways in the breeze, he is at the mercy of the elements. Logical actions would be to do everything you can to get what you need to get. This is a can't just hang around card. You will need to do something different than what is ideal to you but this does not mean diverting from your goal. This is simply just a means to an end. You have your mundane responsibilities and priorities and then you have your priorities that are personal and an expression of your true self. Right now, you can't wait for business to pick up. You need to do something else that will fill your immediate need. But you also are not to pull yourself away from your business. Do what you need to to take care of things, enjoy working at your business as well. When the bills are paid, it is easier to enjoy the business and not have the (counter-productive) stress of having to depend upon it. Remove this burden and things will be better.

CREATIVE ACTIONS: Queen of Pentacles (rx)
This is knowing, and if not known, figuring out what needs to be done, but then, not doing it. This is common. We hold off on doing what we know we need to do (because we don't want to do it) in hopes for what we want to unfold. However, waiting can sometimes be our downfall and create more of a burden. This card warns of your own personal care. Burdens can lead to depression even on the lowest level and then the depressed begin to not care about certain things. Where going into the garden every evening and tending to the dead leaves and blooming flowers was a enjoyed routine has now become neglected. 
This is the essence of sitting at your craftwork station and getting frustrated with the projected view of how things will go based on how they are going currently and then throwing down your project and making the claim,'why and I doing this? It's not going to help'. As we have seen from the other cards, don't stop the things you enjoy doing just because you think or feel that doing so is not helping. The Queen warns to not obsess over the financial situation that you are in. 

PROJECTS POTENTIAL: 10 of Swords (rx)
Don't stress, don't worry, relax and just enjoy is a repeated message with all these cards. 
And then we end with this card that is in a nutshell, the end of stress and the clearing away of burdens. This is cutting down the obstacles and being able to feel rejuvenated with the now open space that had been quite tight before. This potential of course is dependent upon the use of the advice found in the previous cards. This card also warns of the burden and stress leading to some health issues and that it is best to be avoid these draining emotions. If you become ill, even with a cold, how can you do what you need to do in such a critical time. The 10 of Swords reversed is laying to rest all the challenges that you have been faced with and a rebirth (which is also a key word in the Queen of Pent, reversed) a rejuvenation in life.

Bonus Card: Knave of Swords - he says, "just do it!" Take your symbolic sword and go into battle and cut down all these 'enemies' that stand in your way. Get your stronghold (your home) stocked with supplies and all in order. Winning the battle is only part of winning the war and the only way to win the war is to have a good solid stream of supplies and a sound strategy with all kinds of plan b's and c's. 
The saying 'expect the worst and hope for the best' comes to mind here, but I do not like that use of words.
Never ever expect ANYTHING….we do not know what will happen in any given situation. We can assume, we can guess, but never expect anything. Expecting is saying (and putting it out there) that 'THIS IS & WILL BE' - don't make that your reality. What the saying should be in my opinion, 'prepare for the worst and visualize the best'. 

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