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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Bit About Tarot ~ And A Little Bonus

The History of Tarot~
Master researcher on the subject of Tarot, Stewart Kaplan states that tarot started as a card game in the early 1400's, 'Tarocchi'. However, it would be another 200+ years before tarot would be used as a means of 'parlor fortune-telling'.
These fortunes where likely very much tongue and cheek. 'In early spring, you will meet an older man who will take you as his bride'.
Another 100+ years later, an archeologist associated the pictorial of the cards to the Egyptian book of the Dead. Several years later the deck was given occult meanings by Eliphas Levi, a master in Kabbalah, who associated the cards to the magical aspects found in the Hebrew alphabet.

This was the beginning of where tarot gets its mystic associations for use in divination.
The first tarot deck published specifically for divination was in 1910. This is the popular Rider Waite Smith deck. Rider being the publisher, Waite being Arthur Waite, a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn and Smith being Pamela Coleman Smith the artist commissioned to create the decks imagery.
Shortly there after, Aleister Crowley had the Thoth deck published. He was also a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn and his artist was also a woman, Lady Frieda Harris.
Where the Waite deck is more European and medieval in look and feel, the Thoth deck has more of an Egyptian/Kabalistic feel to it.

The Tarot Deck~ ‘What defines a Tarot deck?’
There are no hard set rules in tarot other than the structure of the deck itself. The Tarot is a deck of 78 cards which are divided into two Arcanas; the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.
The Major Arcana is a small deck of 22 cards numbered 0-21. They are considered the Trump cards of the deck. The Minor Arcana is very much like a regular deck of playing cards, having four suits and a set of four court (face) cards. The Minor Arcana are numbered from Ace to 10 and have Page, Knight, Queen & King for the court cards. Some decks will give different names to the court cards and the Trump cards. 
Any deck that veers away from this format in a significant way is not really a tarot deck. The main exception would be a Trumps only deck, a minor exception is a deck that has more than 22 Trumps. To my knowledge only 4 or 5 decks go over 22 cards.

The Tarot is just one of many kinds of divination decks in print today. Any deck that is used for divination can be called an oracle deck. Besides there being Tarot there are Lenormand cards, a deck of 36 cards. Added to Tarot and Lenormand cards, there is a plethora of all kinds of different themed decks that come in a varied number of cards and these are simply called oracle decks. 

Myths of Tarot~ 
Two common areas of misconception are how one gets a tarot deck and who can touch it.

It is often said that you should be given a deck for it to work. I can personally tell you that the process of choosing your deck can be a wonderful experience. However, gifted decks are often found to be special in some way as well. As far as having a deck given to you as a gift, that is not necessary at all. Do not let this myth hinder acquiring your first tarot deck.

There are three different schools of thoughts about people handling tarot decks.
1- ‘Never let another person touch your deck, their energy will enter the deck and not work for you.’
2- ‘The person getting the reading MUST shuffle and cut the deck in order to put their energy into the reading.’
3- Energy is energy and it does not matter who touches them.... or not.
There is energy everywhere, that is a fact; energy does transfer from one object to another, that is life. Energy is constantly in motion. Everyone has a different experience with energy.
For some readers having the clients shuffle the cards is how they connect to the energy of that person. People who may be overly sensitive to other people's energy may want to keep their decks free of any energy that is not their own. 
What it boils down to is that you do what you feel is right for you, what works for you.

‘OH NO- I got the DEATH card! Am I going to die?’
The Death card is often feared because so many think that this card means that they or someone close to them will die. This is rarely the case. If the Death card shows up in a reading, it is usually a card that reflects a message of change. Out with the old and in with the new. The Death card has an astrological association, Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of Death and Rebirth, a card of legacy. A keyword often used for the Death card is 'Transformation'.

How Tarot Works~
Each individual card has a very specific root meaning to it and while it may be similar to other cards- it is still different.
For example, all Ace cards speak of new beginnings. If the card is a Cups card then it is about some emotional beginning and if it is a Swords card then it is some new way of thinking. The depth of the card's meaning just builds from there.
The finer details are found in the numerous symbols that are seen in each card, as well as how several cards interact with each other. 

'How does a person read for another if they are not sitting with them?'
This is again about energy, the collective unconscious, the Anima Mundi which means World Soul. There are many who believe that we are all connected in spirit. It is this place of connectedness that a psychic will reach into and gather the information that is needed. Some use guides to help them through the Ether, others will use runes, tea leaves, what ever.

~ Who I am as an Intuitive Reader of Tarot ~
My love of playing cards started when I was very young. I was a challenging player in any game taught to me.
My interest in card reading started when I was 12 and my aunt read for me with a regular deck of playing cards. It would be a few years before I had an actual Tarot deck and that was over 18 years ago.

When I do readings, all I want is the question or focus for the reading, I can also do a ‘general’ reading where no question is asked and the cards are just drawn and the message from spirit is relayed. 
The card images and symbolism triggers my connection to the Anima Mundi. It may be a vision, a smell or some other impression I feel that brings more depth and color to the reading.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

General: Year Ahead Reading

General: Year Ahead 2009

1. Issue: Knave of Wands
2. Surroundings/Environment: 2 of Swords
3. Self: Ace of Wands
4. What to Keep: X Wheel
5. What to let Go: Queen of Wands
6. Direction to Take: King of Wands

Wands dominates this throw and this indicates a lot of growth for you in 2010. The one Major card that appears in the spread is also about growth and expansion.
Collectively, this is about the expansion of oneself and development in our personal being and actions. The year will be full of growth in all areas of life but you need to remember that with growth comes growing pains. You will be faced with challenges and hard times and this can be painful.
As the saying goes, 'what does not kill us only makes us stronger'

1 Issues position comes with the Knave of Wands card and speaks of ideas.

There are the ideas that you have been rolling around in your head. These are projects, goals, attitude adjustments, habit forming/breaking- things that have been in your mind, but have yet to take any action on. This could be called a card of 'resolutions'. Creating a list of all these ideas and then formulating a plan of action and bringing these ideas into a reality. What are your ideas? What have you been thinking about and would like to change or accomplish in the the physical, mental, and spiritual realms of life? This card encourages you to take your ideas and nurture them. Take the seed of an idea and plant it so that it will grow. Give it life with love and attention. Feed your ideas with the nourishment that it needs. This card is telling you that you have seeds that are very ready to be put into the ground so that they can sprout.

2 Surroundings card is the 2 of Swords.

This card speaks of those that speak before they see the bigger picture. People who are blind to reality or fair assessments. This is about people and situations where not everything is 'on the table' and there are aspects hidden that do not allow for a full review. Be aware of people who are judgmental.
They are of no help to you. Be aware of people who are not open-minded and like to argue, they will not really listen to you. Be aware of people who speak behind your back. This does not mean paranoid.
I am not saying that people ARE talking behind your back. What the card is asking you is to be aware of such activity if such a situation unfolds that would have others jealous or misunderstanding you and your actions. This card is about words that are not spoken clearly. This could be miscommunication, hidden communication, speaking one's mind before they have all the facts. These communication issues will be your walls and challenges and is critical to your growth. Do not allow these walls to stop you in your tracks. Do not give up when you come to a wall. You can bust through it, climb over, find another way around it or come back to it later. Do not leave a wall by giving up. Consider all solutions, look at the bigger picture. There will be solutions that you may not like, but they will have to be done. Try to not be complex in your solutions, keep things as simple and neat as possible. In an in the moment need, trust and have faith in your gut feelings. Go with your first impressions, do not second guess yourself.

3 The Self card is the Ace of Wands.

Ace cards are about newness, beginnings, births, the dawning of something. For you, this is a rebirth, a reinvention of the self, a new you. You mentioned in your email about 'out with the old and in with the new'. This is exactly what this card is about. Those ideas mentioned in the first card, this is planting the ideas and watching them grow. You need your incubation time, the time between the idea and the seeing the results of the idea. It is between the thought and the action. Now is the time to incubate, plan your reinvention, know your plan and how you will live your life as this new you.
This card advises you to keep a youthful eye upon things, this echoes the simple approach seen in the second card. Do not allow the misfortune and hardships of the past influence the decisions of the future. What has happened has happened and you cannot change the past, but you do have control over the future. Entering into a situation that is similar to one where it turned out bad, you cannot allow that to effect you. That is the old you. Enter into situations as if you are totally new to the whole thing. Take a youthful innocent approach. Do not be jaded by the past.

4 What to Keep card is the Wheel.
This is a card of expansion and good fortune.

I am also feeling a sense of family, friends, and community.
This is expressing the need to keep these people that you have a connection with close to you. These are the people who will help and support you. This card also says that those friends and family and people in your community that can help you needs to be expanded. Perhaps you are not getting out as much as you should. So to add to that, be careful to not become a hermit.  Pull these people closer to you. The y have knowledge and skills that will help you through your time of growth and give you inspiration.
There is also something in your family tree. There is something about yourself that you wonder about since it is not something that seems to fit in to the rest of your immediate family. There is a way about you that is just not the norm and this leaves you with questions about why you are the way you are. This could be some physical feature, but more likely it is something about your personality and who you are within. Usually every family has one member that has researched the family tree, find such a person in your family and ask them questions. If you don't have anyone like that, perhaps that is something you may consider looking into. Many things can be understood about ourselves by knowing the people that came before us and who they were and what they had to endure.
(and example would be my dislike for organized religion- I have two different branches in my family tree of religious rebels, in England and several hundred years earlier in France - leaning that made my dislike understandable, it is 'in the blood')

5 What to Let Go card is the Queen of Wands.

This is a very motherly card and many things are coming to me with this that it is hard to sort out so I am just going to ramble along and maybe something will ring a note with you. This letting go deals with a 'mother' issue and energy. It could be a mother/daughter conflict that you will have to finally come to terms with and walk away from even if unresolved for there is nothing that you can do about it now. To dwell upon it is a waste of energy and is taking away from the energy that you need to grow.
I see nurses. Could it be that you are training or working as a nurse or perhaps your mother has been ill? It could be that 2010 could be the year that your ill mother will find eternal peace, perhaps it is the year that you take your nursing job to a different hospital or doctors office, or take your training in a new direction? Perhaps you got into nursing because it was 'easier' but you really wanted to work with animals... perhaps you have been living your life according to your mothers desires and not living the life you want for fear of disappointing your mother. Well, you are in a time of growth and renewal, a time of change, you are in control. Perhaps you have been trying to get pregnant and now is not the time, or it may be that you are not to have children. While we have free will, I do feel that there is also fate and that somethings not matter how much free will we exert, are just not meant to be. What ever it is that deals with a nurturing mother energy, is what you are to let go of and move on from.
Now I also wonder, do you feel that you have a spirit presence near you? perhaps your mother (or grandmother you where close to) has already passed and is trying to communicate something to you to help you and that she will not move on until she has told you and you have listened and understand.

6 The Direction card is the King of Wands.

This is a card of seeing the big picture, being in control and holding what is near and dear and useful close to you. This card sums up all the other cards and the message within them. This is a card that tells you to rule your roost, it is your life and your future, live it for yourself and for no-one else (of course if children are involved, then we must live to be there for them). The King tells you to have no interest in those people who speak to you in defeating words. There is a difference in constructive criticism and outright put downs. You do not need these peoples input. Do not give them your time. There are so many other bright and inspiring individuals in your life that these people should be tossed to the side, they are not part of your circle.
While you have many who do offer you sound advice and suggestions, remember that in the end, the decision is yours and yours alone. Do what YOU think you should do. You may be wrong, but you will learn and grow from these mistakes.
Also, do not allow any guilt to push you in a bad direction. This goes back to not letting the pains of your past effect the actions you take in the future. Be wise with your experience of the past, do not make the same mistakes, but also do not make a move because it lead to a bad situation in the past - to NOT make that same move, you could be missing out on something great.
A lame example, but a common one, would be- a blind date. All your blind dates have been flops, don't stop accepting blind dates because of this, mr right could be found on a blind date....lame example but hopefully you get the idea.
So the new you will not act and react like the old you. You are full of joy and youthful appreciation, you are being reborn. Hold the memories as memories only, they are your wisdom that is within the new you that you did not have before. This wisdom enlightens you and aids you in living a bright a peaceful life.