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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

I'm So Lost - Fey

I'm So Lost spread ~ Fey deck
Focus/Question: "Future job hunting, what do I need to do?"

While you are not 'lost' as deep as we can get at times (but maybe you are and that is why you requested a reading), you are in a state of 'wandering'….and wondering. That can make us feel a bit lost and unsure of what to do or how to proceed. Uncertainty is never much fun. Anyway, I felt this spread to be fitting for the subject/situation…..Now on to the cards.

1. I
nner Conflict - 9 of Swords
2. Main Dilemma - King of Swords

3. Sacrifice - 5 of Pentacles
4. Opposing Forces - Ace of Swords

5. Lighting the Way - 5 of Wands
6. Outcome - XIII Death
7. Spiritual Message - XVI the Tower
8. Taking the first Step - 2 of Pentacles

Inner Conflict - 9 of Swords
This card is like this spread and situation. It is often that the first card in any reading I do will address the obvious and what the issue is all about. Traditionally, this is a card of feeling lost and helpless, feeling like being in a place of pending doom and disaster. It can be about worries and nightmares, those we dream and those we think up on our own. It is totally understandable to have fears and reservations about going out and looking for a job. The job market is not in a good place right now, so of course it is 'logical' to feel intimidated with the task. Visions of putting in dozens of applications and having no call-backs is probably a pretty common vision, and probably a reality for some people. However 'logical' this perspective and feeling is considering the way overall employment is currently, this does not have to be the only 'logic'.
The fey in the card is 'stuck' only because she allows herself to think she has no where to go. However, all she needs to to is put her head up (chin up) and see that there is a way right in front of her….so no need to worry, there is a job out there for you. I get a sense that you may have to take a ok job before the perfect one comes along. But any job is better than no job.

Main Dilemma - King of Swords
This is a card of disciplined communication and thought. This is similar to the above card but is more about the thoughts and actions that you have and need. The King of Swords says, "Rewrite your resume." Give thought to the sort of job you want. Think about setting and dynamics more than the field, but the field could be an important aspect to you. However, do not limit yourself if you are not dead set on a specific field. The King of Swords is a networker, he talks to everyone and he is very vocal about what it is he sees in his life at present as well as into the future, such as his plans and what he wants to see happen. He is also very good at communication in written form. Being this card is in the dilemma position of the spread, you are faced with either not being able to effectively express yourself, or there is a lack of ears to hear you. It may even be a combination so to speak. You have not really thought out your 'speech' to sell yourself so you are bouncing around and hesitating. This will make people not want to listen, or have a hard time following everything you are saying. Get your 'elevator pitch' committed to memory and be comfortable and confident with it. ('elevator pitch' or 'elevator speech' is an official term, google will provide you with loads of websites with explanation and instruction).

Sacrifice - 5 of Pentacles
Sacrifice is not always easy or welcomed, but in this situation, in order to keep yourself as comfortable and secure as can be, your life will need to be simplified. There are things that have been part of your lifestyle and profession, that will have to be sacrificed- but only for a relatively short time.You will have to pass on some of the luxuries you are accustom to. As for profession, we saw above that there is a need to be open and may possible need to take a job that is not of your typical and studied skill-set. I sense a turn of circumstances come mid-winter, second week in January (*don't quote me on that, just throwing it out there since it came to me) until then, live simply and be happy. Keep your family and friends close and find enjoyment and happiness with them. This will help you to avoid the road of worry and stress. No matter what happens to you, there are others who are less fortunate. As is often said, "things could be worse".

Opposing Forces - Ace of Swords
This is a hesitation card/position. It may be in progress, it may also be the ability to speak up or think that you can make it happen (due to the circumstances you are seeing around you). Have you a particular area of work in mind that is different than what you have already been doing? and do you feel that you do not have the knowledge required for the type of work? This card encourages you to take what ever training/schooling that you need to find a job that you will enjoy. Or if you do have the basic knowledge, then you need to be able to speak about it and have confidence. Just because a person has not acquired a degree or certificate in a specific field does not mean that only they will get that sort of job. Employers will often take a person with less training who have a better work history. (example, I knew next to nothing about electronics and got hired over someone who did because I had other assets and abilities as well as job longevity that surpassed the other applicant) The main message with this card is to have confidence and do not toss aside a new adventure with a different field of work. Communication is key for you in finding a new job. Keep all your lines open, be sure to constantly do call backs and "pester" the businesses that you really would want to work for. The card is verbal persistence and new manner of communication because the 'old way' you are accustom to is not going to work this go-a-round.

Lighting the Way - 5 of Wands
This is a card of 'friendly' competition and that is what it is when there is a job opening and many applicants. Think of your search for employment as a game and not a chore. Your cheer and joy in having fun will shine brightly over those who are worn down and trudging along. We can be our own worst enemy and create our own defeat. It will be tough at times and you are likely to get jerked around here and there. Be wary of other applicants that you come into contact with. Let them do all the talking and provide you with the info rather than giving anything away that you may know. There is a strategy when seeking a job that many are 'fighting' for. What that is is all dependent on the environment and dynamics of the business. Strategies will not be the same from place to place, but there are some things that are consistent across the board, such as the call backs mentioned above. Again, it is a game, see it that way, and for each application you put in, have a game plan that is just for that application. After all there will be some jobs that you may be good at and have a good chance of getting, but you know it is not a job that you really want. However, it could be a job that you take as you work at finding a different job. When times get desperate, one needs to take what ever is offered to get through. (which it appears that it could get a little thin towards the end…and why it is so important to hold on to and shine that joy and fun-loving nature), just remember that nothing has to be forever.

Outcome - XIII Death
This card continues with the energy of change and doing something different than what you have been doing as well as this whole situation causing you to change things in your life in general. This is a new leaf and a new outlook with the end result bringing a great transformation. This card also expresses that you hold all the cards, keys, 'the ball is in your court' type energy. You have the upper hand here, even if you can't see it. This is about making the right move at the right time, all part of the game-planning. I get a feeling from this card that there may be a position open and the company or business has you and another applicant and cannot decide who to hire and it may come down to taking you both. But there is drawbacks to this. You may not get the pay or hours that you are looking for because the company has to make compromises and cuts to hire two instead of just one. And it may be that in the end, the better person gets the full time hours once you both have shown your skills. This takes us back to the competition card, and how important it is for you to have a back up plan if you find yourself in this situation. Fight for the position, remember the King of Swords. Or use it as a fill of the gap between while you search for the more permanent job. Again, there is a careful strategic process that you will have to implement and stick with.

Spiritual Message - XVI the Tower
The message of old and new, change with some close to the bottom moments continues after the changes and the Death card with this card. This card represent the breakdown of the current environment, structure, direction. While this is a card that is about 'destruction' - when something is torn down and destroyed, it makes room for something new, something better. It is typically in our nature to fear change, but not all of us feel that. It is a rare few that see that out of the 'bad' - good will come out of it and there are those that thrive on change. In the loss of your past job, it seems that you are taking this in stride and that you do basically have an over all game plan for the moment. In regards to a spiritual message, this card is a reassurance that change is a good thing, embrace the new, do not fear things that appear to be bad. This is the Phoenix that rises from the ashes

Taking the first Step - 2 of Pentacles
This is revisiting the concept of taking matters into your own hands. Have you been offered or pondering a new business with a partner? This would explain the 'new profession' mention in the Ace of Swords. This is a card about sharing and caring. It is about using your skills and resources to their fullest potential. This is where you shine your light, your talents are the star of the show. Take yourself out into the world and just give of yourself, someone will see you and what you can do and want you as part of their team. This is a card about mobility and expanding your horizons, which has already be mentioned in the other cards. This is thinking on your feet and doing some quick juggling to make things happen the way you want them to. This is key since this is also signifying a lot of fluctuation with everything around you and in the job market. Are you opposed to relocating for a job? Are you opposed to working two part time jobs while you work on the ultimate goal? It could come to these things and while it is not what you see as ideal, this is part of the sacrifice that is mentioned earlier. This card is the third in the string of cards that carry the energy of significant change.

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