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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Moon Card

As the Moon does glow

one side is not ever seen
oh her hidden face

Card Meaning
Dreams, subconscious, illusion and that which is hidden. Cycles and phases. Intuition and psychic abilities. Reflection and introspection. Emotions.. Feeling betrayed disorientation, Bewilderment and lunacy. Pisces, and feminine qualities.

This is one of my own paintings done in 2003 in watercolor paint

The full Moon illuminates over an island isolated in the middle of the ocean... or is it an island at all? Looking closer one might see something other than an island. It looks like…a Dragon. Is this just a natural oddity or has some 'shape-shifting’ taken place? {I'm suddenly reminded of werewolves and the transformation that takes place under a full Moon} It appears that the dragon dreams peacefully, sleeping in an emotional waterbed. With the Moon comes dreams and the subconscious speaking through illusions. Perhaps the Dragon wishes to meditate on what has been floating around in her mind. Or has she created the island to hide herself from those who would do her wrong? She knows that in this form she can rest safely. And what of her enemies? They think they are crazy for never noticing the island before and are puzzled by her disappearance. In Astrology the Moon rules the sign Cancer, the Crab. In tarot the Moon is associated with Pisces. A pair of fish tied together and swimming in opposite directions represents Pisces. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune, King of the Sea, yet it is the Moon that controls the ocean's tide. The Moon has a duality about her as well. The speed of rotation and orbit of the Moon is synchronized perfectly so all we will ever see is the one face. Her other face is known as the dark side of the Moon, a side of her we shall never see from our Earthly vantagepoint. To call this face the dark side is misleading the Sun does shine upon the 'dark side' during the waxing and waning phases. With the Moon we must be aware of the natural cycles in life, around us and within us and that there is a dark and light side to everything and not everything is what is seems to be.

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