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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Sunday, August 3, 2014

11:11 Are You an 11er?

It is amazing the number of people who have 11:11 specifically makes its way into their lives.Some recognize it to represent something significant, but do not know what that is yet they know it means something. Some will make a wish, some think it's just a sign saying all is OK. Some will encounter the number and disregard it or say it is nothing, just random. They might say that is is something in the mind that makes one notice it more often and it is nothing supernatural or magical.
 There is another group of people who believe that they know what the number represents and have sent their beliefs out into the world. Some of those thoughts; the number is a ‘gateway’ number or a function of humanities spiritual evolution, a message from angels, a DNA activation code. 
I fall into the category of knowing that it is significant, yet I do not know what it means. When I come across the number, I feel that it is telling me that I am doing things right in life, I’m on the right track so to speak. I have also come across the idea that it is a number that is presented to all the light-worker/healers upon the earth at this time. With my personal experience, I can sort of resonate with this. I have always been there to help one who is hurt, being physical, emotional or spiritual.
One, of the many things I have found regarding 11:11, here is one that I really like

I first encountered the number 1111 when I was 11, imagine that! I joined a scout troop and that was our troop’s number. It meant nothing to me at the time. I also am a child of the dawning of the digital age. My first digital wristwatch I got for Christmas when I was about 9 or 10. I probably saw 11:11 back then, but did not connect with it since I had no use for knowing time at that age. To this day I still do not wear a watch.

When I was 12, my mom told me about something that started with her fiancĂ©. He was waiting with his brother for a table at a cafe, he looked at his digital watch and saw that it was 11:11. He made a comment about how often he sees 11:11. His brother mentions that he had been seeing the number quite often as well. They thought it odd and left it at that. My mom’s fiancĂ© came home that night and told my mother about the number and the conversation with his brother. That is when it all started for her. She started to see the number quite often and when she told me the story, I started to ‘recognize’ the number.This sort of supports the idea that it is something in the mind, power of suggestion. The idea that it is mentioned to someone and subconsciously they start to be drawn to it. This does not fully apply in my experience. I was wearing this number before the time aspect was presented to me. That is why I say recognize, because the number came to me before I noticed it to be something more common among others.I was no longer in girl scouts so I had not connected my old troop number to this yet, that would come several years later when getting ready for a move and I had to pack the things in my closet. I was quite in awe that day and that sparked and even deeper curiosity on a personal level.
 The number 11:11 would show itself very often. There would be times when I was in no need to know the time, yet, I was drawn to look at the clock. Again one could say that it was a subconscious thing, but try to use that logic for the times when I would be driving along the highway and a billboard clock would say 11:11. I also worked at a business and the address was 1111. Then there are the ticket numbers, the receipts, the flight number....
...and on and on.
How is this explained?

One could say, it’s just a number, like 3:33 or 5:55, when in reference to time, and these same numbers can be repeated in other things for certain individuals. I do not see other patterned numbers at such volume as I do 11:11. What I have found is, that even though people do see these repeated numbers, it is 11:11 specifically that gets the most attention and is the most often seen and talked about. I have ventured into a few ‘spiritual’ communities in www world, and the number seems to be discussed more than any other multiple digit number with the possible exception of 666.
I am not surprised that the first time I ‘connected’ to 11:11 was when I was 11. It may have been 1 year 11 months and 1 day, from that first encounter to the second, for all I know and if it was, I would not doubt it. The patterns that are presented to us are amazing when you look for them. To this day I still see the number, quite often. I am always running into other people who also have a connection to this number.

Long ago, my mother sent me an email with the time-stamp of. . . . .11:11. I emailed her back and told her - look there is the 11:11, she emailed back a comment and that time stamp was 1:11, not quite the same, but it goes on. I emailed her back, again, pointing out the time, again, she replied again, at 2:22. Since then, there have been other emails that are time stamped 11:11 between us.

So while it may not be just 11:11, it still hold something over the other numbers. But these other numbers and patterns that people notice are just as valid, they just have something different to it. People who notice these numbers will say that it is meaningful to them, even if they do not know what it means. 
At this moment in my life I cannot say what the 11:11 phenomena is about. There are some things that seem to make more sense to me than others. But I have not come to any solid knowing of what 11:11 means as a whole. It may be possible that all of these theories have some truth to them, none of the theories have a premise that is malicious or detrimental to any persons peace of mind or physical liberties.

Of all the many things that I have found that 'explain' 11:11, this is one I really can appreciate 

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