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Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Owl Ka Myst Tarot

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Process Of The Perfect Tarot Bag

I am a crafty person in all forms of the word. I am an artist and crafter, I work magic, and read tarot cards. Combine all that and of course my decks are stored in bags I have made. 

It all started when I received a used deck that had no original box. I needed something for the deck to protect it. I had some mass produced bags and used one but did not like how the deck slid around inside the bag. I wanted a bag that was more like the box that the cards came in.  

I sat down and measured the deck. With that I created a pattern. Then came choosing the fabric. OH BOY...that was fun but difficult. SO many options and combinations! How would I choose? No problem, I just made the bag to be reversible so that I could enjoy two different fabric combinations.

This was the birth of my '2 in 1' tarot bags.

The Sacred Circle Tarot Deck

Making a bag to perfectly match a deck is a process that I really enjoy. It is fun playing with different combinations of fabric and holding the deck up to the combinations to see how it all fits together.

Come with me as I share with you the process of making a custom fitted, made to match bag for one of tarot decks ~ 

The Sacred Circle.

Finding the right combinations of fabric~

I have a whole cupboard of fabric. After putting different fabrics into different piles and then narrowing it down, this is what I am left with.... That is a lot when I have to bring it down to only four!

                                                                                      Here is a close up of the cards from the Sacred Circle deck. They are what I used, putting them up to all the different fabrics to see how well everything matches, fabrics and cards.

OK- On to something here.... I like the Moons!

I got it down to four fabrics and cut out the pieces.  I picked the gold moons on a black background for it went well with the backs of the cards. For the top of the bag, moons and stars but in all black; a satin fabric with velvety moons and stars. The deck's art has a very earth nature theme so I pick a green leafy patterned fabric. 

The top of this side I used a favorite fabric of mine, the acorns. 
The bag of my Legends deck also has this same fabric.  

I sewed the 'moon' pieces together and the 'nature' pieces together and fit them together and pin them to hold the two in place when I do the final stitching.

Once sewn together, I insert two pieces of rat-tail cord and tie them off...
....put the deck inside and pull the strings!

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  1. I am digging this step by step post Luna. I'll be sharing this for sure.